Bits and Pieces of News

Hello hello people! Yes, I know we had a post Wednesday and yesterday, but there are still a few things to say heading into this weekend. So, diving right in …

Those of you who are Patreon Supporters and fans of Axtara – Banking and Finance will want to keep an eye on the Patreon this weekend. Why? Because the first bit of a unreleased story set in the same universe will be dropping there this weekend. That’s right, it’s a supporter-only look at A Trial for a Dragon, a short story starring Axtara’s older brother Ryax. In … Rietillia? What is he doing there? Well, if you’re a supporter, you’ll have to tune in tomorrow on Patreon to get your first look.

But not the whole of it. It’s a short story but most of you know that doesn’t mean much where I’m concerned. So to keep Patreon from breaking under the size of the post, it’ll be in pieces.

And if you’re not a Patreon supporter, well … it is slated for a future release at some point in a collection. Patience will bring it to you in the end!

Speaking of Axtara, after 22 reviews, it finally got its first non-five-star the other day. A reader gave Axtara … four stars. For its 23rd review.

That’s not bad at all. The banking dragon continues to soar, and it’s a lot of fun to hear back from readers and fans how much they fell in love with Axtara and her adventures in Elnacier!

Speaking of reviews and ratings, just going to point out really quick: I am four ratings/reviews shy of 200 on Goodreads! This brings my total review rating count to … 357! And with all those reviews … still sitting at a 4.5 star average.

Now that’s the power of good writing.

Now, let’s talk about Starforge. I am on the second-to-last chapter of part three, so about to be roughly 75% done, and the total wordcount is … 337,000 words. We’re definitely looking at a Jungle-length adventure here folks. Some of that will probably get trimmed in editing—there’s a tricky balance with the action and pacing that needs to be met, and I’m positive the first draft will require some trimming and tucking to make it hit just right—but at the moment the concern is finishing the story off once and for all. Which I need to get back to, so let me drop other news and get on with it!

A reminder that the writing conference Life, The Universe, and Everything has uploaded recordings of all its panels from 2021 to Youtube as of yesterday! You can find the post on that here, and if you’re the kind of browser on this site that comes seeking Being a Better Writer, then you should definitely check out these panels! There are some really good ones! In particular, I definitely recommend two of the panels I was on, one on weaving information into your story without infodumping, the other on intercultural literacy and how to make your settings and characters accurate (among other things).

And the last bit of news is that I will not be getting as much writing done this weekend as I normally do. I’ll be setting it aside for the “General Conference” of my religious faith. Twice a year, the leaders of my faith, consisting of Apostles and a living Prophet, speak to the entire, worldwide religion as a whole, offering insight and revelation for the modern day.

Now, even if you’re not religious, there’s usually some pretty good advice in there. If you’re at all curious, or even just wondering what I’ll be spending my weekend doing, like everything else these days you can find it on Youtube, and it’ll be streaming live! I definitely recommend it, again even if you’re not very religious. There’s a spark to it that can’t be found anywhere else. And if you’re looking for a little solace over this Easter weekend … yeah, definitely recommended.

And that’s all I’ve got for today. Definitely got some more op-eds coming down the pipe, but right now? What writing time I have is being spent on Starforge! Soon the trilogy will be complete!

Max out!

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