No website would be complete without a list of other fun places to go and people I follow. Here you’ll find digital pathways to other realms of the internet, blazing trails of light that, with but a single click, will transport you to faraway places.

Or at least, open a new browser window. Note: Links on this page will not automatically do so, unlike the rest of the site.

Links to Authors and Writing Stuff

Brandon Sanderson: The name sounds pretty basic, but when you’re Brandon Sanderson, you can get away with just naming your site after yourself. One of the best fantasy authors in the world right now, Brandon knows writing like most people know breathing, and even has a set of writing rules named after him (Brandon’s laws of magic). Also one of the hosts of Writing Excuses.

Howard Tayler – Writer, Illustrator, Consumer: … is getting linked twice on this page, since this is his personal site, not to be confused with the separate site he’s been running for over a decade now publishing the absolutely amazing adventures of company of space mercenaries in the distant future. In any case, Howard is also one of the hosts of Writing Excuses, and since he’s proven a masterful writer at one of the most difficult of elements to write—humor—his site is definitely worth checking out.

Writing Excuses: Currently in their twelth season, Writing Excuses is the premiere panel podcast on writing. Once a week, four hosts (Howard Tayler, Brandon Sanderson, Mary Robinette Kowal, and Dan Wells), sometimes with a guest host, sit down to talk about writing. The end result is a fifteen-minute, condensed blast of writing know-how that covers topics ranging from “Anti-heroes” to “Secondary Characters” to “Worldbuilding.” Every week a new topic, every week a new influx of ideas, concepts, writing prompts, and tips and tricks to add that little extra kick into everything you write.

Links to a Few Other Things

Schlock Mercenary: Brainchild of Howard Tayler, Schlock Mercenary is a daily webcomic following the adventures of a mercenary named Schlock, who happens to be a sergeant serving in Tagon’s Toughs, the mercenary company whose motto is “Travel the galaxy, meet fascinating life-forms, and kill them.” Actually, it might not be that anymore, but it doesn’t matter, because Schlock Mercenary is side-splittingly funny, consistently, every day. Plus, there’s a grand story involving galactic powers, ancient alien races, and of course, lots of violence. These are mercenaries, after all. They’ll save the galaxy, but they’d like there to be a paycheck in it first.

Stand Still, Stay Silent: An absolutely beautifully webcomic about life ninety years after a strange disease swept the world. Thanks to early quick thinking, Iceland, along with parts of Norway, Denmark, Sweden, and Finland, survived a plague unlike anything mankind had ever seen. Now, ninety years later, the first expedition to the “silent world” has been put together. Underfunded and understaffed, their journey to a world no one has inhabited in almost a century begins.

My Fanfiction Page: For those of you who are curious and ready to dive down the rabbit hole, this is the link to my fanfiction page on FimFic was where I acquired my first fans, many of whom continued on to enjoy my later works. It was also where I hosted my first fanfiction, which would later be pirated. Yes, you read that correctly. My fanfiction shows up on pirate sites. I consider it a mark of pride. After all, who else can say that?

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