This page features my published, for profit works that you can buy or acquire through Kindle Unlimited. Please do! Every penny I earn helps keep me writing, and every book of mine you buy is another awesome adventure to enjoy! We all win!

The list is organized by most recent first:

Shadow of an EmpireShadow of an Empire
~850 Pgs – Five Stars on Amazon and Goodreads!
A sweeping “Wild-West” Fantasy Epic full of magic, mystery, and adventure!

Salitore Amazd is an imperial adjudicator, an enforcer of the law and keeper of the peace across the vast, desert stretches of the Indrim Empire’s southern reaches known as the Outlands. For Sali, the job means long days in the saddle, constant travel, and hours of rugged, wilderness beauty far from the intrigue and politicking of the empire’s core.

Until a trainload of convicted prisoners, led by a noble named Nirren, vanishes from a high-security engine in an unprecedented escape, leaving behind only bodies, confused survivors, and a public letter accusing Sali of being a co-conspirator … as well as a fellow idealist in their forthcoming revolution. An accusation with no evidence, but more than enough to turn the public eye of the empire in his direction.

Now forcibly partnered with Meelo Karn, a member of the imperial inquisition with her own ties to the convicts, it’s up to both of them to track down Nirren and his gang before they engulf the Outlands in a political firestorm that burns it to the ground. Be it wild animals, unfriendly locals, or even encounters with the enigmatic, steam-driven Grey Knights … Sali and Meelo have a call to deliver justice.

And justice will be done.

Read a sample of the first four chapters by clicking this link!

Bonus: Players of X-Com 2 can now add Sali, Meelo, and Lady Amacitia Varay to their X-Com games by downloading the character pool pack found here!

More Bonus: You can now download wallpapers of the cover! Textless and with text.


~1500 Pgs – Five Stars on Amazon and Goodreads!

A corporate investigator who doesn’t trust his employer.
A mercenary gun-for-hire with a talent for violence and a willingness to shoot first.
And a white-hat hacker who doesn’t know when to quit.

Three independent contractors brought together for one unusual job. Five years ago, master programmer Carlos Rodriguez retired. Now his old employer wants him back.


It’d be a lot easier if he hadn’t left Earth.

Read a free sample by clicking this link!

Bonus: Players of X-Com 2 can now add Jake, Anna, and Sweets to their X-Com games by downloading the character pool pack found here!


Unusual EventsUnusual Events: A “Short” Story Collection
~515 Pgs. – Five Stars on Amazon and Goodreads!

Alaskan adventures. Haunted Hospitals. Something lurking under the kitchen … stove?

Nothing is as it first seems in this new collection of ten thrilling tales from author Max Florschutz. Magic intertwines with the ordinary in five new stories set in the Unusual universe, while in the world of Indrim steam and high fantasy intersect. Elsewhere, men struggle against the elements in the last frontier, a reporter delves deep into the mysteries surrounding her city’s heroic figure, and a young man heads off to war for his people.

Ten fantastic tales of wonder and excitement. It’s nothing ordinary.

It’s Unusual Events.

You can check out a sample here. And another here. And a third here!


Dead Silver

Dead Silver
~450 Pgs. – Five Stars on Amazon and Goodreads!
Chupacabra hunting. Murder. Vacations aren’t supposed to turn out like this.

When Hawke Decroux gets an invitation from an old friend to come to New Mexico and help track down some chupacabras, it seems like a simple enough request. Hang out with a friend, enjoy some sun, help a few locals out, and maybe, just maybe, catch a live chupacabra and net a sweet fifty thousand dollar reward as the cherry on top of the deal.

But as Hawke arrives, he finds that his friend has turned up missing. The animal attacks are growing more violent and frequent, far more dangerous than any chupacabra attack seen before. Something strange is going on in Silver Dreams, and if Hawke can’t figure out what it is, the entire town might find itself facing a situation far worse than a few missing farm animals … a horror straight from their darkest nightmares.

You can read a free sample right now by clicking this link!

You can also, thanks to a fan, find Dead Silver on TV Tropes.

Bonus: Both Jacob Rocke and Hawke Decroux are now part of the Unusuals Character Pack for X-Com 2, and can be downloaded at this page!


One DrinkOne Drink
~100 Pgs. – Four Stars on Amazon and Goodreads
Jacob Rocke is a ‘spook,’ a private detective specially licensed by the government to look into ‘unusual’ situations. He’s seen just about everything, so when a woman approaches him with a case involving a ghostly wolf, it seems like easy enough work. But dealing with the world of the unusual often isn’t what it seems, and things quickly spiral into a mystery involving a menacing specter and dark magical arts threatening both him and his client.

You can read a free sample by clicking this link.

Bonus: Both Jacob Rocke and Hawke Decroux are now part of the Unusuals Character Pack for X-Com 2, and can be downloaded at this page!

4 thoughts on “Books

  1. In the foreword to “Unusual Events” you mention just finishing “Beyond the Borderlands”. I can’t find that anywhere on Amazon, just some really sketchy series by that name. Did you rename it or just not publish it?


    • I did? (Checks back) Oh yeah, I did talk about that!

      Well … you won’t find that on Amazon. That’s because it’s, well … fanfiction. Before I published anything, I was using fanfiction as a “test bed” so to speak for practicing different ideas and concepts. To prove I could pull them off, or see if a technique worked or didn’t work for me. And to have fun, because fanfiction is good for that.

      In the process, I promised my fanfic fans (many of which have gone on to to be fans of my published work as well) a set of large stories that I worked on before publishing would be finished. So I’ve continued to work on those when I have the time (they’re the “fanworks” listed on my projects page when I’m working on them). I put a similar amount of care and effort into them.

      Which means they may not appeal to you at all. Or they might. Me? I consider them like a fun, enjoyable side project on the level of something like “Redwall.” If you check the Links tab you’ll find a link to my fanfiction work on it. It’s not for everyone, but it is where I found my earliest fans, and I put the same attention and effort into them. They’re not for profit, just for fun and practice.


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