About the Blog:
Unusual Things is the blog of science-fiction and fantasy author Max Florschutz. It is home to information about his published works, an archive of his weekly writing series Being a Better Writer, and current-updates on the progress of his upcoming books, among other things. You can follow him on twitter by following @VikingZX, as well as find his works on goodreads and Amazon.com.

About the Guy:Semi-Pro Kinda Life
Max Florschutz was born and raised in the wilds of southeast Alaska, on a little island that boasted both a large, lumber-based economy and one of the highest rainfalls to ever not be desired by humanity. In 2004 he began attending college at Brigham Young University Provo, taking a two-year break to serve a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Upon his return, he continued to attend BYU Provo and began to delve heavily into English courses (among other things), naturally including plenty of creative writing classes. Transferring out to BYU Hawaii to keep a promise, Max finished his degree, graduating in 2011 with more credits than most students would know what to do with and a 3.96 GPA.

After a year or so of the graduated life, the writing bug bit him again and he began to spend his free time writing once more. After a few months of making sure he still hadn’t lost his touch and some dedicated practice, he sat down and wrote his first publishable book: One Drink. Emboldened by the success of that release, he pushed forward, and has continued writing to this day.

About Being a Better Writer:
Being a Better Writer is a writing help blog that initially started out on a fanfiction website in response to questions that readers would send to me. Stuff like “How can I write fights?” or “How do I develop living characters?” I started writing out responses and posting them publicly, first short ones, and then as the blog became more and more popular on the site, longer, more developed entries explaining different nuances or touching on more difficult concepts. Over time, Being a Better Writer began to see almost as much attention as my published works, with readers writing in to inquire after published hard-copies of the collected posts or with additional questions that I could answer.

At its core, it’s a fairly straightforward series. If you’ve ever heard of Writing Excuses, it’s pretty much the same thing, except rather than three amusing geniuses of discussing writing in silky-smooth podcast form, you just have me writing. Which admittedly undersells what I do comparably, but Being a Better Writer has remained an enjoyable pursuit, and a great help to many as I do my best to distill almost a decade’s worth of writing education and several years worth of dedicated, hands-on experience into something that new and old authors alike can read, enjoy, and learn from.

All Being a Better Writer posts are tagged with such, and can be easily pulled up by selecting the category named—what else?—Being a Better Writer from the drop menu on the right-hand side of the main page.

About Face:
Well, okay …

About the Site Title:
In the universe of One Drink and Dead Silver, an Unusual is the title given to any individual who possesses or otherwise makes use of an ability that would colloquially or historically be referred to as “magic.” As a whole, any story I’ve written for that universe (even all the unreleased ones) I have affectionately nicknamed “An Unusual Story” for my own purposes. So of course, naturally I needed to pay homage to this when I kicked off my official site. A little bit more playing about gave me “Unusual Things,” and I really liked the implicit message behind it.

Maybe one day I’ll grow tired of it. But for now, I like it.

About the Site URL:
Amazingly enough, this one’s now defunct, and I just didn’t realize it until very recently! The old site url was maxviking.wordpress.com, a nod to an old nickname, my online handle (Viking ZX), and an admission that my last name, Florschutz, is just too dang difficult for most people to spell.

Nowadays it’s just maxonwriting.com, which is a lot more straightforward.

About Eye Color:
Right … how’d this get in here? I’m not answering that one.

Legal Disclaimer:
This site’s contents and materials (text, photos, materials, etc) posted by the author, Max Florschutz, unless otherwise noted, are owned by Max Florschutz. All rights reserved.

One thought on “About

  1. Hello Max,
    Your mother sent me the link to your web site. We met through our Icelandic horse connection of course. I very much enjoyed reading your postings. As your wrote about character development, I so identified with his comment ““But wait … As the author, aren’t you the one who decides and writes everything anyway? You make it sound like these characters are real!” ”
    I read the last section of my non-fiction book in development “Rough Riding in the White House: The Advenrtures of the Pony Algonquin and the Roosevelt Children” at a salon last week. I teared up about a pony that died almost 100 years ago. Our characters have to be real for us to write about them.

    If you have an interest, we seem to be blogging about similar topics. Here’s a link to my web site.


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