Writing Samples

Here you can check out samples of my work, such as free stories or excerpts from my published books, that have been shared on this site. Hopefully, you’ll like what you see and head over to Amazon.com to pick something up!

You can also read an entire free, four-book episodic series here on the site with Fireteam Freelance!


You can also find these on the Books page

One Drink
—The book that started it all. Check out the first chapter of Jacob Rocke’s quest to track down a ghostly home invader. ~10 Page Preview. [Mystery, Urban Fantasy]

Dead Silver
The bigger, badder, and more dangerous sequel to One Drink steps into the shoes of Jacob Rocke’s friend and occasional partner Hawke Decroux in this smash follow-up. The desert town of Silver Dreams, New Mexico hides a lot of secrets. Many of the them fatal. ~33 Page Preview. [Mystery, Urban Fantasy]

Unusual Events: A “Short” Story Collection
—Ten tales of the fantastic fill the pages of this collection of “Short” stories (hint: few count as short). From the modern fantasy pages of the Unusuals Universe to the steam-soaked world of Indrim and even to the last frontier, these ten tales are anything but ordinary. ~40 Page Preview. [Various Genres – Collection]

You may also read two other samples in the “Short Story” section below.

—A Sci-Fi epic of colossal proportions. Mankind has spread to the stars, megacorps fight an oppressive world order for control of local governments, and unrest simmers on a dozen worlds while a single act of corporate espionage brings together three strangers on a job with far-reaching consequences … and no shortage of enemies. ~86 Page Preview. [Science Fiction, Epic]

Jungle—The follow-up to Colony explodes across the page in this titanic sequel of epic proportions. Unrest on Pisces has spread to more than a dozen worlds, and the trio’s employers are not happy. Split up, the team finds themselves dispatched on out-of-the-way missions to keep them from the public eye, but there’s more to their missions than first appears … And meanwhile, the ripples of events on Pisces continue to spread through the galaxy. ~150 Page Preview. [Science Fiction, Epic]

Shadow of an Empire
The Indrim Empire, a vast interconnected civilization linked by steam and steel, spans more than half a continent. From the figurative center in east, home to the capital city that is the empire’s namesake, to the vast cities and riches of the west. And between them, to the south, the Outlands, a vast desert crisscrossed by railways and inhabited by citizens as tough and determined as the land they inhabit … and as dangerous. ~18 Page Preview. [Fantasy-Western Epic]


The Ride
A short story written for 4A Games’ 4ALives Metro Contest (which took Third Place overall!). Essentially, it’s a bit of fiction set in the Metro 2033 universe about, well … a ride. I won’t say more than that.
Oh, and minor language warning.
Not available elsewhere at this time, as the universe is NOT my own but someone else’s.

Green Apocalypse
—A short piece of “flash-fiction” (about 2000 words, so flash-fiction for me) I wrote one night after a particular LTUE panel gave me a goofy idea about green energy.
It’s probably not what you’d expect. At least, not from the title. I promise.
Not available elsewhere at this time.

SUPER MODEL Excerpt—The first chapter of SUPER MODEL, available to read in its entirety. When a city acquires a new superhero, a young girl finds a new figure to look up to—and a mystery she’s determined to be the first to solve.
You can read the rest of the novella by picking up a copy of Unusual Events: A “Short” Story Collection.

Monthly Retreat Excerpt—Sometimes life takes us in unexpected directions. For Alma, an accident on a trip to South America has left her with a new monthly condition and a whole lot of changes to adjust to, changes she’s not thrilled about.
You can read the rest of the story (as well as nine others!) by picking up a copy of Unusual Events: A “Short” Story Collection.

The Last Call of Christmas Eve—Written for Christmas 2018, this short story explores the life of a certain spook on one Christmas Eve. For us, it’s mistletoe and holly, but for Jacob Rocke … it’s another busy night.
This story will eventually be part of More Unusual Events.

Human Resource
—Written after I suffered a wrist injury at my job, this short was very much an exercise it exorcising (hah) my frustrations with HR. It’s grim, dark, and worst of all kind of alarming, as a lot of the tech and systems on display that are so dehumanizing are already real. We just haven’t fully utilized them yet.
This story will eventually be part of More Unusual Events.

Firstborn—Written at 1 AM on a Thursday night after an online writing prompt caught my eye, this is a short bit of flash fiction about a man who makes a deal with a witch to give up his firstborn. The witch really should have done a bit more research first, but it all works out in the end. A cute, fun little piece with a lot of character.