Weekly Update: It’s Full of Stars and Lovecraftian Monsters – Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey readers! I’ve decided that, at least of the foreseeable future, this Wednesday night update will be a regular feature. A progress report, and a little bit of news!

So, first up, let’s talk Axtara – Banking and Finance. I appears I’ve found a cover artist at last! Good news, I know. With that finally happening, that means I can aim at December release! Ebook first, paperback ASAP (but hopefully before Christmas, for all you book-givers out there).

Excited! I am. Axtara was an absolute joy to write, and I can’t wait for all of you to meet her at long last. Keep watch on things, because there’s going to be more news coming!

Now onto Starforge. As of today, the first draft is sitting at 177,000 words. And I’d say I’m about halfway through the second quarter, so … 37.5% or so. Roughly.

This is the “stars and lovecraftian horrors” of the title by the way. Though the All are easily a more tangible “eat your face off” sort of horror as well. They’re just kind of lovecraftian in their scope.

This book is shaping up to be awesome though, It just keeps picking up speed.

All right, that’s the update. There is some news from the book industry I want to mention, but I’ll put it after the jump. Hit it if you’re curious, otherwise, have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Okay, two bits of news here. One is this Science-Fiction Writers of America post regarding author Alan Dean Foster and his battle to get Disney to pay him royalties for all the books he’s written over the years they acquired during their acquisitions and still sell. Disney’s response thus far has basically been to declare that they ‘acquired the products, but none of the obligations attached to them,’ which is complete bull if I’ve ever heard it (and given the year we’ve had, that’s saying something.

Obviously I’m with Foster on this one. Disney is being even more evil than usual here, and everyone needs to know about it. Shame on you, Disney. This is crooked.

The second bit of publishing news I’ve got is that as of today, Simon and Schuster books is officially no longer one of the big Trad 5. In fact, it’s no longer the Trad 5. This is because Penguin-Random House, one of the remaining and now Trad 4, have entered into a deal to acquire S&S completely.

So I was right. 2020 was the year a major publisher falls. That water is only getting choppier.

Glad I’m indie. I don’t have to worry as much about this as all the authors locked in S&S’s stables.

And yes, Trad Pub is the other Lovecraftian beast of this update.

Anyway, two noteworthy bits of news for all of you all. Now enjoy your holiday weekend, or for those of you not in the US/celebreating Thanksgiving, have a fantastic week, and I’ll see you Monday!

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