The Most-Read BaBW Post to Date

So, I got curious the other day and started digging through site history on here. Why? Well, I can look at stats here on a yearly basis (but not lifetime, for some odd reason) and started wondering about each year’s most popular Being a Better Writer posts. What, I wondered, was the most popular (read: one with the most views) to date?

Now, granted, this is a little unfair. Posts that have been around longer have much more time to rack up views, so older posts automatically have an advantage. Case in point, the most highly-viewed BaBW post comes from 2015, so it’s had four years to gather its viewcount. The post right behind it has had two. The post that I believe to be in third place has only boomed recently, since it became a wikipedia reference.

Anyway, not much point in beating around the bush. The (current) most read BaBW article of all time?

Reader Comprehension.

Yup. The one that talks about writing to the level of expected reading capacity and ability of your audience.

On the one hand, I’m kind of surprised, as it’s a bit of an esoteric and less-discussed topic. On the other hand, though, that means I’m probably one of the few readily accessible discussions on the topic to be found, so … yeah. It does bring a lot of traffic.

What’s right behind it? Horizontal and Vertical Storytelling. And I do mean right behind it. It will likely overtake it in a matter of months. What’s more interesting is that this post sees almost all of its traffic from web search hits. People looking for information on exactly that and finding it.

Anyway, there’s not much else to this post. I just became curious what the most-read BaBW post was after five years of writing them. They do get used, that much is clear.

Anyway, I’ve got writing to do as Hunter/Hunted moves toward its conclusion. I’m out!

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