Life, The Universe, and Everything 2019!

That’s right. No Being a Better Writer post this week due to Martin Luther King day. Which means I’m spending the day working on Hunter/Hunted, actually. Why take a break? Besides, that one’s almost done. Which then means Halo novel, and then Jungle!

Anyway, instead of BaBW, today I’m giving you a heads up and a reminder: Life, The Universe, and Everything 2019 is almost here! February 14-16 in Provo Utah Marriott Hotel and Convention Center.

Will I be there? Of course I will be there. It’s the writing convention to go to. And there will be a lot of other authors there besides! Dan Wells, David Farland, Larry Correia … it’s a big list.

And what do we do, for those of you who haven’t heard of LTUE before? We talk writing. All day, every day, glorious panels run for an hour each, staffed by authors and editors eager to talk about topics (mostly writing, but not all) and answer questions. But it doesn’t stop there either. They roam the halls and rooms, playing games, chatting with fans, getting into friendly debates about which version of which show is best … really whatever they feel like.

In other words, if you’re interesting in writing Science-Fiction, or Fantasy, or Thrillers, or Horror, or any number of other genres, you should come to LTUE! It’s three days of pure awesome panels, author interactions, Q&A bits, the works.

Registration beforehand is still open at their site. I’ve got my ticket already, and will be there. It’d be a real blast to bump into you there and say hi!

So yeah, February 14-16th, at the Provo Marriott Hotel and Convention Center in Utah. Come meet cool authors, talk books, get dozens of books hawked at you … It’s a lot of fun. I’ll be there. You should be too!

And now, I’ve got work to get done on Hunter/Hunted. But not before a quick update on review-goal progress. Total reviews and ratings have reached 191 out of 200! Picked up a few more over the last week, all positive!

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