Back in Business

You know, it’s funny, but I always find that it takes me a few lines worth of errors to readjust to using my big, awesome keyboard again. Just like it takes me a little while to adjust to using someone’s laptop keyboard when I’m traveling and going to make a post. The fingers go to the expected locations, and … Whoops! See? Well, you can’t, because I fixed it, but just there, with the “whoops,” I did it again.

Anyway, I suppose this is a long way of saying “Guess who’s back!” Or returned. Or whatever. For me it’s a return to work, for others a sad “awww …” as I left once more.

Enough semantics. I’m back! Arrived late last night.

And … no, I haven’t written anything today. Still unpacking, etc, etc. Jet lagging a little, oddly enough. Which doesn’t make sense because west to east … Oh well. Whatever. Anyhow, this post needs a point! I mean aside from going “Hey hey, I’m back!”

Okay, I actually do have some news for you guys. A couple snippets of it, in fact.

The first bit? There’s a new Patreon supporter post going up today! As soon as I’m done here, I’m bouncing over there (I’ve already got the tab open) and I’m putting it together. For those who are Patreon supporters, this time you’re getting a fun treat: A sneak peek at some of the new characters that are being introduced in Jungle (that Colony sequel you should be really excited for). Nothing that spoils anything—so nor worries there. I’ll cut anything that drops too much info. But you’ll get not only the character sheets themselves that I wrote up, but also some of the side stuff that’s been developed since then. Thoughts, impressions, changes to the characters as they came to life, etc. So if you’re a Patreon supporter, pop on over and take a look! And if you’re not, a dollar a month is all it takes!

Now, the second bit of news, this one concerning my books and the month of April, which starts tomorrow. What could those two have in common, you might ask? Well, there’s one thing in particular about April that’s quite special, at least to me. Those of you who’ve been regulars here for a while might know this already, but …

April 19th is my birthday.

Yup, that’s right. Another revolution around the sun completed for this guy! And, unlike some,  I happen to be the type that despite the rising number of years on my driver’s license, continues to celebrate said birthday. And now, in what I hope to make a new tradition, I’m doing something new.

The B-day Sale. One day only. Twenty-four hours. Everything on sale.

Yes, that’s right. All of it. Dead Silver? 99 cents. 75% off. Unusual Events? $3.99. 50% off. Even Colony, the Sci-Fi epic that people can’t stop praising? $5.99. 25% off.

Okay, so that last one isn’t a huge sale, but it’s only been out for a few months, so 25% off isn’t bad. And yes, as usual, One Drink is full-on free.

All told, the whole set will set you back a bare $10. For over 2,000+ pages worth of content. Pretty good deal.

But … that’s not the whole end of it. I know that quite a few of you reading my blog have read my works, and I know that because you’ve told me about it. Some of you have left reviews, awesome ones. So most who are going to see the upcoming sling of reminders about this event are going to have already acquired most of what’s being offered. If not, well, April 19th is your chance.

But if most of you have read them, what’s the point of doing a one-day event like this that you’ll hear about? Simple, so that you can let others hear about it.

How you do that is up to you. I’ll be promoting the sale where I can, but what I’m hoping you’ll do is, on April 19th, promote it your way. Pick a favorite and share it on Facebook? Talk about it on Reddit or another online site? Twitter? Whatever works for you. If it helps, consider it a birthday gift of sorts.

The point is to generate some sales and generate some buzz. Something that will get a few more copies moving.

So, mark your calendars. April 19th! Pick a favorite, share it, and let the world know that there’s a sale going!

Now, there is one last thing I’m going to mention, but it’s fanfic related, so if you’re not interested in that, this is the place to stop reading. Just remember April 19th!


Right, you still want to be here? Okay, so here goes. I did not work on any fanfic while traveling. So there’s that. And while yes, my next Dusk Guard project will be Hunter/Hunted (at last), I can’t start that until I finish the first draft of Jungle (so the sooner I get that done, the sooner I can start work on Hunter/Hunted, but I also have my job taking time since I need to pay rent … you get the idea).

But all is not lost. I recently did a full read-through of Discord Day Care. Making changes, little tweaks … and making mental notes for larger revisions as it finally moves into Alpha 2. And tomorrow, between sessions of General Conference (a large, well, conference-thing my religion does twice yearly, totally awesome), I plan on sitting down and making those little tweaks and revisions. Responding to feedback, making changes. Then I’ll have some eyes look over it, and if all is well … Beta time! After that, cover and publishing!

You guys will like this one. And yes, like Why Me?, it will be canon with Dusk Guard lore, so clever, attentive reading will reveal a few more clues to some of the larger world in play.

Oh, and does anyone have any idea what I should do for a cover? Or who I should ask?

Anyway, on to Patreon! Gotta get that post done!

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