Advent Faces a New Foe: The Forces of Indrim Join X-Com!

And here I thought bandits were bad. Oh well.


It’s that time again. With Shadow of an Empire on the horizon (eight days out, actually; have you pre-ordered your copy yet?), it would only make sense that the stars would get their own chance to shine in X-Com 2 at last!

That’s right, if you own X-Com 2 (or its expansion, War of the Chosen), you can now experience the thrill of having Adjudicator Salitore Amazd and Imperial Inquisitor Meelo Karn clean alien house alongside the rest of your crack squad! What could be better?



It appears that Sali and Meelo aren’t the only ones that have come along for the ride from Indrim. Somehow, through a sadistic twist of fate, Lady Amacitia Varay—AKA The Ripper—has found her way to Earth as well. Readers of Unusual Events: A “Short” Story Collection will recall one of Indrim’s most psychopathic serial killers. Will she join the forces of X-Com? Or will Advent deliver her the outlet she desires?

If you own X-Com 2, all three can be downloaded and added to your character pack by downloading and importing the character pool found here.

Instructions for how to import said character file can be found here.

Note that both packs may use armor skins or elements found in the following Mod packs, which are recommended for maximum enjoyment: Military Camoflague PatternsInk and PaintCustom Face PaintsDestroyer’s Female Hair PackMore Hair ColorsCapnBubs Accessories Pack, and the X-Com International Voices PackThese packs are recommended.

As far as sending them out to the fight goes, I personally recommend keeping them close to their source material: Salitore is a gunslinging sniper, handy with a pistol and rifle, while Meelo is a Jack-of-all-trades specialist. Varay, meanwhile, is a Ranger, skilled with the blade.

X-Com 2 players enjoy, and don’t forget to snag a copy of Shadow of an Empire when it releases on June 1st!

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