“Dog Save the King” – Submission Call From Hemelein!

Heads up, writers! Hemelein has posted their call for new short story submissions to the latest LTUE Benefit Anthology, titled Dog Save the King!

The LTUE Benefit Anthologies, if this is the first you’re hearing of them, are a feature of Life, The Universe, and Everything, a Sci-Fi and Fantasy Writing Convention/Symposium that’s nearing its 42nd year. The anthology collections, in addition to being fun short story collections full of all sorts of neat shorts, are actually a charity benefit, the proceeds from their sales used to support the cost of running the convention so that students—from elementary school to college—can get in at a steep discount.

Sop basically, buy one of these books, and you’re helping cover the costs of students attending the conference at a student rate, which for a con that’s all about writing and learning to write, is a major boon to all those students.

Alternatively, you can also submit a story to be in one of these books, and help keep the anthology tradition going! Plus, you get to see your name in print (some for the first time) and can attend the con and sign copies for readers! It’s great fun!

In any case, whether or not you can make it, it’s also a blast to submit to, because the LTUE Benefit Anthologies always have some fun prompts, often reflected in the title. Which is why we’ve had prompts like A Dragon and Her Girl, A Parliament of Wizards, or Troubadours and Space Princesses.

Which, naturally, leads us to this year’s prompt and title: Dog Save the King, a collection of Sci-Fi and Fantasy stories that all revolve around canine heroes saving the day for royalty.

If that sounds like a short story you’d want to write, then be aware that submissions close Friday, May 19th, at midnight. You can check out a larger list of requirements below the jump, then head over to Hemelein’s submission post to gather any other details you may need.

Hit the jump for details on Dog Save the King!

From Hemelein’s call:

  • Stories must involve both canines (any type is fine: wolves, foxes, domesticated, etc.) and royalty.
  • The dog must play an integral part in resolving the story conflict.
  • Stories must be science fiction or fantasy.
  • Story characters and settings must be your own. Do not use other creators’ characters or settings.
  • Stories and poems can be any length up to 17,500 words.
  • Stories and poems can be unpublished or reprint stories.
  • Up to two submissions per author.
  • No simultaneous submissions, please.
  • Stories must meet the content guidelines described on the Submission Guidelines page. Please be sure to read them!
  • This is a benefit/charity anthology, so stories are donated and authors receive no monetary compensation.
  • Authors receive a print and an electronic copy of the anthology.
  • We ask for print, electronic book, and audio rights, 90-day exclusive worldwide English after publication for unpublished, and no exclusivity worldwide English for reprints. We request to keep the anthology in publication indefinitely.
  • Stories are due by Friday, May 19, 2023 at 11:59pm Mountain Time.

You can find more details about Dog Save the King here, at Hemelein’s site, plus as the official submission link. Good luck, and may we write about many good doggos!

3 thoughts on ““Dog Save the King” – Submission Call From Hemelein!

  1. […] Okay, well, if you’ve spotted the “Classic” tag above, then you’ve noted in addition that I ran out of time trying to get enough Being a Better Writer posts ready for my time away, since I also needed to get another few projects done before I left as well. Such as writing my entry for Dog Save the King, which has submissions closing before I return! By the way, submissions to that are still open as of this post date, so if you’re thinking of checking that out, do so at this link. […]


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