Jungle Early Alpha Read Invitation Sent Out!

Hey readers! If you’re here looking for the latest Being a Better Writer post on knowledge and inspiration, that’s here.

This is just a short, heads-up post that Early Alpha Read invites have been sent out for Jungle! That’s right, if you’ve been a long-time Alpha Reader, check your e-mail inbox!

For those who are seeing this post in passing, Jungle is the much-anticipated sequel to Colony a Sci-Fi Epic following … oh just click the link. 99% of the readers on this site are already familiar with it. If you’re part of the 1% who hasn’t read it, solve that! Then you’ll be ready for Jungle when it hits later this year.

Still, I am willing to drop one little tidbit of information. Colony was a juggernaut of an adventure weighing in at 335,000 words. Jungle, the sequel, is a titan, currently weighing in at 457,000 words, though that’s getting trimmed and cut since it’s in Alpha.

But even with trimming, Jungle will likely be a third again as long as Colony. Granted, once you’re reading it and know what’s going on, suddenly the number of pages makes a lot of sense.

That’s it! Just a short blurb. Check your inbox, prior Alpha Readers of Awesome! The rest of you? Anticipate. Envy those with the early access.

This adventure is wild.

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