Side Bar and Other News

Just some little small things going on, poking around the site. First, if you’ve been hanging around Unusual Things for long you might have noticed that the sidebar got a bit of an update late last night. It now has a “Latest Release” box, which as you might guess, gives a link straight to whatever the current release is.

The other thing that’s going on (and this is admittedly less small news) is that my writing is about to take a small bit of a slowdown. Simply put, despite living as light as possible while still actually living, my finances are at the breaking point, and I’m looking to pick up additional work in order to make rent next month. So, unfortunately, my writing is about to slow down. I wish it wasn’t so, but that’s how it’s going to be, unfortunately, until my income picks up enough that I can get back to writing the majority of the time.

Does this suck a bit? Yes. Yes it does. And it likely will slow down my work at getting Colony published by May (though maybe I’ll still get lucky), so there goes my goal of publishing 1,000,000 words in under a year. Maybe.

But I like my cheap apartment (you can’t get cheaper here, and I’m at the max legal number of roommates), and I can’t drop my health insurance (thanks, Obama, and that wasn’t sarcasm), which would save me $100+ a month. So another job it is.

Sorry guys. More on this as it develops. Hopefully I’ll be able to at least keep BaBW going up each week, as I have for the last 3 years.

Wish me luck! Or, you know, support me on Patreon or by buying a book. That helps too.