Colony Now Up For Purchase

colony-finalThis is it! The pre-order copies have all gone out, and now Colony is now available for purchase on Buy it, and it’ll go right to your Kindle App. DRM-Free too.

It’s also available on the Kindle Unlimited Library, so if you’re an Amazon Prime user or KU reader, you can grab a copy ASAP and start reading. If you’ve not heard of the KU Library, it’s basically a Netflix-like service for books. Basically, if you want to read Colony, you’ve got some good options for doing so!

Anyway, you can click the cover there to your right to take you right to it!

A corporate investigator who doesn’t trust his employer.
A mercenary gun-for-hire with a talent for violence and a willingness to shoot first.
And a white-hat hacker who doesn’t know when to quit.

Three independent contractors brought together for one unusual job. Five years ago, master programmer Carlos Rodriguez retired. Now his old employer wants him back.


It’d be a lot easier if he hadn’t left Earth.

A Sci-Fi Epic Adventure of 333,000 words, or roughly 1100 pages.

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Shadow of an Empire Alpha Nearly Done

Just a quick update, since I’ve been so quiet this week. The reason is simple: Shadow of an Empire is in its final three chapters. Which is a fancy way of saying I’ve got two more chapters to write after I finish the current one, plus maybe a final bit of closure, and then the alpha 1 of Shadow will be done!

Which means … next week, hopefully. Barring any surprises. Final stats right now? It looks like it will weigh in at 230,000 or so words. Though given that I’m about to write a bunch of finale scenes, it might push itself to 240,000. Maybe. I’d guess that 230,000 words is a much closer bet for this draft. Sadly this took me, counting July, five months to write. The perils of having a second job, I suppose.

Anyway, the first alpha draft is nearly done. And once it is … I step away for a second, and while I let my brain disengage from it before I begin editing, I’m throwing myself into finishing up Colony. That truly massive Sci-Fi title I finished the first of draft over a year ago.

Yeah, that’s right. Currently, it’s in Alpha 2. Once Shadow of an Empire is in Alpha 1 status, all my writing work is going towards moving Colony from Alpha 2 to Beta 1. Then Beta 2. Then Beta 3. And after that … publication.

Yes, you heard that right. Colony is at last coming out. That’s the next big project. Colony publication. The 1300 page tome is finally coming, guys!

Oh, and one last bit of news. City of Doors posted reviews for all three of my published books—One DrinkDead Silver, and Unusual Events—finding all of them well worth the time reading. They had quite a bit of praise to deliver all three as a whole, but my favorite quip had to be concerning Unusual Events, which they declared “… a damn good collection of stories that is certainly worth both the price and the time it takes to read through it.”

Good praise any author would like to hear.

Status Update

All right, guys. Time for a status update.

First of all, it’s a good thing I got 20,000 words written last week, because I had more shifts than normal at my other job this week, and that’s made this week quite a bit slower. In the end, I guess it balances out at neutral, aiming somewhere slightly north of 10k per week. Which is a lot less than my old, pre-second job standard, but still functional.

However, the slow but steady rate still pays dividends. Shadow of an Empire has passed 200,000 words, and is in its final chapters! Which means that my estimates of it being around 225k or so were pretty on spot. For the record, that’ll be about 700 pages of reading.

Now, I’m sure some of you have wondered where news of Colony has gone. Well, it’s been in its second alpha for some time now, the alpha readers slowly picking through it while I’ve been working on Shadow. But once Shadow is done and into its first alpha … all of my attention is going to shift to Colony. The time I’ve spent on Shadow gave the alpha readers plenty of time to summarize and read through Colony‘s 1200 or so page bulk, so it’ll be time to return to its watery pages and revise, rewrite, and edit. I’m hoping there won’t be a need for a third alpha, but with a book this large …

From there, it’s on to Beta status for Colony. Beta 1, 2, and then the final pre-read and the creation of the cover. So maybe August? I’d like it to be out this summer. Taking a second job has slowed me down, but I need to get this book out at long last.

From there, I’m not going to dawdle on Shadow of an Empire. Once Colony is out the door, it’s going into alpha and beta before I start working on Jungle.

And in between, I’ve even got some ideas for some smaller, fanfiction-related stuff to write up.

It’s going to be a busy summer.

Anyway, that’s the update. I’m out!

Where Am I?

So, first of all, I apologize for what must seem like my disappearance over these last few weeks. Or the last week, if you’ve been satisfied and entertained by my previously scheduled posts. Though you might have been wondering along with everyone else where on earth they went this week.

Don’t worry, I’m not quitting. This isn’t some “doom and gloom” post about how hard life is and how I’d rather be doing something else all day. I haven’t run off with all the Patreon funds I’ve been given to start a new life in some other country. No, instead the explanation for my absence has been much simpler.

I moved.

Yes, as promised—and as was contributing to my stress levels for so long—the move finally happened. My apartment of six years has now been sold and scheduled to be demolished, and I’m gone from that place and in the new.

So, why the big writing hang up? Why no posts? What could have kept me from delivering my usual promised content?

Pretty simple, actually. I have no internet connection at the new place. The only connection I have to the digital world is via my phone, and as you can imagine that doesn’t really perform well for editing or posting writing guides.

Why no internet? Well, the previous occupant, despite living in a place and time where the internet is sort of a requirement for life, apparently never bothered to wire the place. So the number I keep getting from the provider is “60-90 days.”

Oh boy.

Now, to circumvent those who immediately postulate “Why don’t you just take your laptop to a library/coffee place and work there?” I don’t have a laptop. I write from a big, custom-built desktop that weighs about 30-35 pounds. I’m not hauling that to a coffee shop.

So for the foreseeable future, I’ll be writing all of my posts away from the embrace of the digital net, and uploading them via a public access computer at my local library when I get the chance.

Bogus? Most certainly. And definitely cramping the final alpha editing on Unusual Events as well, since the internet is kind of a cornerstone of being able to communicate with my alpha readers and editors in real time.

So wish me luck in convincing my neighbors to let me run a 100-ft Ethernet cable down to my new place. In the meantime, I’ll do my best to bring everything back to the usual schedule.