Being a Better Writer: Creating a Good Stinger

Wow, today’s post is off to a late start. But I’m okay with that. You know why? Because last night I got the first full night’s sleep I’ve had since I cracked my ribs over a week ago and tore my ab muscles all apart. They’ve finally done enough healing that rolling over doesn’t wake me up, and as a result, I finally slept without waking up every half-hour to roll over.

It feels odd, but man does it feel good.

Now, today’s post will probably be a little shorter (perhaps more in line with some of the older posts), but in the end I guess we’ll see. Today I want to talk about a relatively recently popularized element of story-telling: The Stinger. What is it? What makes up a good one? How do you use it? And do you even need one?

Let’s find out.

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