Welcome to 2019. Be on the lookout for Replicants.

2018 is behind us. And what a year. It had a lot of highs, and it had some rough lows too. And I’m not just talking about the year globally. I’m just talking about books and stuff.

But enough about that. Let’s talk about the future. So, what’s coming ahead in 2019?

Well, first up, and early in the year, the release of Hunter/Hunted. It’s in the final act now, though just barely (I haven’t done much writing over the last week; I needed to recharge). I figure this one will be done with the draft this month, as long as my other job doesn’t consume too much time, and then it can go into Alpha/Beta and release. Rejoice, Dusk Guard fans, for the third book is almost here. Oh, and remember how I said it would probably be the shortest? I have no idea anymore. And … well, I’ll leave it at that.

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Colony Print Copy Updates and Issues

I said I had a lot of news this week. This is part of it.

So, those of you who have run into me at various places online may know that a few months ago I let drop that after Shadow of an Empire released (Which it did on June 1st of this year!) I would be once again looking into the possibility of print copies of Colony at last.

Well, I have done so. And unfortunately … I’ve got some bad news.

Colony is just too long.

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Shadow of an Empire Progress Report + Other Reports

Hey everyone! Just dropping you a quick update on how progress on the first draft of Shadow of an Empire is going, as well as work on getting Colony into Beta, so you all know what’s going on.

First, work has been slower these last few weeks, as you might have noticed or guessed. I’m putting in a lot of shifts at my other job to try and pull myself into some semblance of financial stability (and it’s working, thankfully, though it’ll be months before I can do more than make a $5 luxury purchase). Unfortunately, this means less time to write and edit, so my monthly production has been halved, from 80,000 words to a little over 40,000. Which would probably be less impactful if I was writing piddly little 50,000 word books like a lot of self-pubs rather than 150,000 plus juggernauts.

Anyway … that progress report, right!?

So, Shadow of an Empire has hit 145,000 words as of this last week. At the current pace, and looking at where I’m at in the story, I’ve got about another 80,000-100,000 words to go, which means that Shadow is two-thirds done!

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Unusual Events’ First Story is Done

Tonight, I finished the alpha of what will be hopefully the longest story in my in-progress story collection, Unusual Events. It turned out quite a bit longer than I expected, graduating quickly from a long short story of 10,000 to 11,000 words and becoming a 37,000 word novella—longer than my first published work, One Drink. As a result, I think I’ll be sticking in near the back of the book.

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