Shadow of an Empire Now Available for Pre-Order!

It’s Here!

Shadow of an Empire

A sweeping “Wild-West” Fantasy Epic full of magic, mystery, and adventure! 

Salitore Amazd is an imperial adjudicator, an enforcer of the law and keeper of the peace across the vast, desert stretches of the Indrim Empire’s southern reaches known as the Outlands. For Sali, the job means long days in the saddle, constant travel, and hours of rugged, wilderness beauty far from the intrigue and politicking of the empire’s core.

Until a trainload of convicted prisoners, led by a noble named Nirren, vanishes from a high-security engine in an unprecedented escape, leaving behind only bodies, confused survivors, and a public letter accusing Sali of being a co-conspirator … as well as a fellow idealist in their forthcoming revolution. An accusation with no evidence, but more than enough to turn the public eye of the empire in his direction.

Now forcibly partnered with Meelo Karn, a member of the imperial inquisition with her own ties to the convicts, it’s up to both of them to track down Nirren and his gang before they engulf the Outlands in a political firestorm that burns it to the ground. Be it wild animals, unfriendly locals, or even encounters with the enigmatic, steam-driven Grey Knights … Sali and Meelo have a call to deliver justice.

And justice will be done.

Guys, I am thrilled to announce that Shadow of an Empire releases Friday, June 1st, 2018, and is now available for pre-order! At last! Click that cover to pre-order your copy now, tell your friends, and grab your ten-gallon hat! It’s going to be a ride!

On horseback, of course.

There will also be a Reddit AMA next Friday, and some other goodies coming along before release as well, so stay tuned!