A 2016 Halibut Trip, With Pictures

So about a month ago I disappeared for a while. Posts stopped for two weeks, and no one could reach me.

Thankfully, it wasn’t without warning, at least for those who had kept up with my prior posts. I’d been offered a lucrative trip to Alaska to make some quick funds, and it was funds that would be greatly appreciated. In the end, despite losing a few weeks worth of writing work, I decided to take the job.

And along the way, I took a bunch of pictures.

So, you guys already know about my adventures getting to Alaska (I wrote about it here), by one thing I left out of that account was a write up of the actual fishing experience itself. Well, you’ve waited long enough. Patreon supporters got it, and now you’re getting it.

So, what was my fishing trip like? Read on.

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Done Fishing, Here’s the News


An astute reader might notice that that was “I return” and not “I have returned,” which is a key difference. And one that is quite meaningful in this particular case. “I return” confers that I am in the process of returning, a statement which is at the moment, quite apt. Flights are a little full (standby flier here), so I won’t officially depart Alaska until Monday, arriving back at my home sometime on Tuesday.

That’s actually a shorter jaunt then it took me to get here. I’ll tell you more about that in a bit. But first, as I was saying, I am in the process of returning. Which basically means crashing at my parent’s home for a few days while I wait for flights to open up. Which isn’t exactly torturous, barring the incessant itch at the back of my mind to get back to editing (which I need my stuff to do). As a double bonus my younger brother and his wife are also visiting along with their absolutely adorable little three-four month old son. Guy’s my first nephew, which means that I am suitably distracted at all times if he’s present. He thinks my beard is funny. Or maybe that’s all the funny faces I make.

Yeah, for a big bear of an Alaskan, I completely melt around little kids and babies. I spent an hour the other day just sitting and making the kid laugh.

Anyway, that said—mostly so that some of you readers don’t fear that I’m holed up in some moss-shrouded hotel room somewhere, which I’m not—I am basically stuck for a few days between the two points of travel (the fishing boat and my computer at home).

But, all that aside, the fishing is done! Over. Complete! We worked hard, pushed ourselves hard, and fished hard. And in the end, we managed to fill our holds with what we needed in six days. Despite some early sets that had us worried it was going to be a much longer trip. We got it all, we brought it in, got paid (the boat, not the workers, not yet), and got everything cleaned and put away.

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Gone Fishing

If you’re seeing this post … it’s because I’m not currently connected to civilization.

I’m out on a commercial fishing vessel, working the deck in pursuit of the mighty halibut. Only for about a week, though. So I should return soon. At which point, regular content will start back up.

For now, just kick back, relax, and enjoy what’s already up. Do an archive binge. Reread your favorite post. Check out the links page.

And I’ll see you in a week or so.