Being a Better Writer: Commissions and Writing to Be Popular

Today’s topic is a bit odd, and a bit different. In fact, while it’s been sitting untouched on my current topic list (number eight) pretty much from day one, I distinctly recall that it’s been on earlier versions of the list, and I’ve just kept putting it off despite it being a requested topic because … well … I don’t have much in the way of hands-on experience with it. Really all I can offer is my own reasons for why I don’t do either of the things today’s topic will discuss, which definitely puts a hard limit on exactly what facets I can talk about.

In other words? I have no personal experience with doing either of the things I’ll be talking about today, but rather experience in actively not doing them, which is what I’ll be working from. So I’ll basically just be discussing “here’s why I’m not doing any of these things, but here are the benefits/drawbacks that I’ve seen/heard about, and why I’ve not done them.”

Sound confusing? Yeah, well, imagine trying to explain it. And short of the title, I haven’t even gotten to what today’s topic (or rather, closely related topics) are yet, so here goes: Today I’m going to talk about two things—writing commissions and writing for the express purpose of being popular.

Now, the first one I can see some heads nodding at, but the second one I imagine is raising a few eyebrows among the audience out there. After all, isn’t being popular a good thing as a writer? We all want our work to be read, perused, and desired, right?

To which I reply, well, yes … but at the same time, that’s wanting our work to be popular, not writing our work to be popular. And yes, one is different from the other.

But for now, let’s just leave it at that, as I want to tackle the first half of our topic before I get too deeply into  wanting and writing popularity. Put that one on the back burner for the moment, and let’s talk about commissions.

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