One Drink Celebrates Its Tenth Anniversary, Plus a Topic Call and Other News!

Well, it’s been a long road, hasn’t it? As of this week, One Drink, the first title I ever published, is ten years old. It released ten years ago, on February 20th, 2013. The first step in what would become a much wider, larger writing career.

Where it all began ...

So to celebrate this fact, I’ve made it free this week! Yup, all you have to do is click that cover there on the right, and you can grab a copy of your very own to keep and enjoy.

Sure, most of you probably have it already. I wouldn’t be surprised at this point. After all, it’s been ten years. And in my own personal opinion, it’s not that spectacular a book. Though that’s a point where I’ll be happy to disagree with my fans, many of whom consider it much better written than I do.

But hey, you can’t argue with free!

Better yet, its sequel, Dead Silver, while not ten years old, is on a 75% off sale too. It’s a safe bet that if you enjoyed One Drink in any capacity, you’ll find the sequel an even more entertaining read.

Again, as before, if you click the cover there, you’ll go right to it.

Though I’ll warn you, Dead Silver is a sequel. So I advise reading One Drink beforehand if you haven’t. You don’t have to, of course, but since one is free, if you’re grabbing Dead Silver to complete the set, you might as well read them in order.

Or not. I don’t have any control over that. And I’m well aware that some people like to read things backwards.

Anyway, it’s been TEN YEARS. It’s amazing to think that it’s been so long since I published my first book. Since those days, I’ve seen the world of writing shift and change. I’ve seen publishers people believed were unstoppable titans topple and fall. I’ve seen the authorial view of trad vs indie shift and slide away from the former and toward the latter, right up to the point where we’ve got authors at their peak doing forty-million dollar kickstarters and breaking from their old publishers.

And I’ve watched my books steadily climb in readership. I’ve watched the progression of new readers, new fans, and the slow but steady climb upward, my sales in one month now topping what I used to manage in a year.

And it’s still going. I won’t wax on this for much longer, but I hope most of you can excuse me a little bit of bittersweet satisfaction at how far things have come. It’s been a long ten years. At LTUE’s closing event, a particular speaker who I shall not name-drop spoke of writing and selling books as trying to climb a mountain, only to reach the top and realize you built that mountain, stone by stone. Or perhaps book by book.

They’re right. And while I don’t consider myself near the peak of this journey yet, right now taking a glance back and seeing the mountain of words I’ve assembled so far, with characters like Anna and Axtara, Jake and Jacob, Sweets and Salitore … Well, it’s been a long, steady climb.

But there’s a lot more to come.

Thank you. Readers, reviewers, folks that shared their favorite titles with friends. Patreon Supporters. Without all of you, the last ten years … Well, it couldn’t have happened. A man can build Rome, but if no one shows up, what good is it?

Thanks for reading, folks. And I hope you stick around for the next ten years. Because I’m not done yet. Not by a long shot. There’s more to come, more Axtara, more Indrim, more Jacob Rocke, and even a bunch of new worlds you’ve yet to set foot in.

Thanks for reading, sharing, and reviewing. I’ll build the mountain. You guys mine it.

Now, before we hit the jump for some other news, there’s one more thing I want to address: A Topic Call!

Yep, that’s right! It’s time again. Topic List #21 has reached its end. It’s time for Topic List #22.

Now, those of you that have been around for a while? You know what that means. Hit the comments below and post your topic requests!

Those of you that are new? This is a primary manner with which to request topics for future Being a Better Writer topics!

That’s right! Got something you want covered by Being a Better Writer? Post it! And Topic List #22 will take shape with your questions on it! Then watch each Monday, and your Being a Better Writer request will show up!

That’s all there is to it. So get to the comments and post the writing topics you want to hear about!

Now, on with the other news. Which isn’t much, but it’s news. Hit the jump for it!

All right. The time has come to answer a serious question: Did I break 10,000 lifetime book sales in this first ten years?

As of a few months ago, we weren’t yet at 9,000. Then Starforge released. So … did I make it? Well, let me do some math.

And the answer is … 9,352 copies sold in total. That’s about 500 or so copies sold in the last few months, too, which isn’t bad. It’s a little shy of 10,000, but at the same time that’s pretty good.

So, we didn’t quite make 10,000. But it’s over 9,000, and it made a pretty good leap when Starforge came out. Seeing as Starforge and the rest of the UNSEC Space Trilogy continue to sell, to say nothing of Axtara and other books like Shadow of an Empire, the 10,000 mark will definitely be crossed this year. I didn’t hit it by the tenth anniversary … but I did come pretty close.

And sands, 9,352 lifetime copies is a lot better than most manage in ten years. Especially considering I’m selling these giant tomes, and not chopping a single book up into ten little books to parcel out (which does wonders for number inflation for folks really pushing it).

Anyway, that’s where things stand as of today. And … while I was doing the math, it looks like two more copies sold. So that number is already a little off. By the time you read this post, it certainly will be.

Let’s see if I can hit 100,000 by year twenty. Onwards and upwards.

Now, other news? Just updates on the writing front. The new Jacob Rocke novel is in the last third, same as last time. I’m hoping to finish it before the month is over. Then it’ll be onward to Axtara – Magic and Mayhem, and then … Well, I have some ideas. I’m even entertaining letting the Patreon Supporters vote on what comes next!

Oh, that reminds me: A big thank you to those Patreon Supporters who have continued to donate each month. I know I thank you each Monday with Being a Better Writer, but I want to thank you guys again. Your donations help keep the site running, ad-free, and me able to spend time working on it and writing. Thank you, Patrons.

And with that, it’s time to head back to a crisp, cold autumn in North Carolina as Jacob Rocke tracks down his latest case! This is Max, signing off!

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