Starforge’s First Review!

So, starting this post with the obligatory reminder: Starforge is now available to pre-order and releases November 29th! That’s right, the epic conclusion to the UNSEC Space Trilogy is finally here! The journey that began in Colony six years ago and continued in Jungle three is now finally coming to its breathtaking, action-packed conclusion, and you won’t want to miss it!

Of course, some of you might be skeptical. After all, it’s not unheard of for the final book in a series to deliver a less-than-spectacular ending. Maybe you’ve read Colony and Jungle but are worried that the big finish won’t do what you hoped to wrap everything up and answer those lingering questions?

Well, that’s why with Starforge I decided to send out early copies for review. And now that the pre-order is live, Starforge has it’s first review, courtesy of reviewer PaulAsaran (who also reviewed Colony and Jungle). How does he find it? If you’ll pardon the pun, “stellar.” Here, have a few choice selections of his words on the matter:

Starforge jumps into the action from the start. Max’s action is as riveting as ever, and is accentuated by new threats, new solutions, and new consequences. The trio find themselves traveling across an alien world yet again, only this time accompanied by a bunch of soldiers … As time goes by and these people survive more and more brutal encounters, it can be easy to start recognizing names and rooting for a few … Then people start dying.

In the midst of these character elements comes the worldbuilding. We’re traveling across an alien world, and our inquisitive protagonists can’t help but theorize and guess at what it all means for the race that not only used to live there, but literally built it. There’s an effort here to truly embrace the concept of “alien life”, with unique architecture, quirky technological concepts, and interesting ideas regarding how an aquatic species might view the world around them.

The worldbuilding is, not to put too fine a point on it, stellar.

Just know that this is a big story with a lot going on … But you should be reading the whole thing anyway, because it’s all great … A great read, and a delightful way to end the trilogy.

Ultimately, Starforge has earned its first 5 Star rating, what will likely be one of many. You can check out the full review on Goodreads, or if you’re already convinced, go pre-order Starforge here.

November 29th can’t come soon enough! See you all tomorrow for another Starforge lore preview—this time with a new spin on things—and Monday for more Being a Better Writer. Until then, have a great weekend!

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