Starforge Is Now Available for Pre-Order

Ladies and gentlemen, readers of all ages, fans of Science Fiction … Starforge, the last book of the UNSEC Space trilogy, the conclusion to the epic journey that began six years ago with Colony and continued three years ago with Jungle … is now available to pre-order.

Yes, this does mean that it has a release date. I am pleased and proud to announce that Starforge will release on November 29th, 2022, just under three weeks from now. You can pre-order it today at the price of $9.99, and this juggernaut of a finale will be delivered to your e-reader of choice November 29th.

If you wish to pre-order now—and I don’t blame you—then just click the cover image above to go right to the pre-order page. Or, you know, that link right there. Or you can check out the synopsis below, as well as hit the jump for more details about the final product.

A quick reminder: Starforge is the third and final book in the UNSEC Space trilogy. For the full experience, it is highly recommended that you read the first two books in the trilogy before reading Starforge, Colony and Jungle, before reading this. The choice is yours, obviously, but as befitting the end to a trilogy, there are major spoilers for the first two books within the pages of Starforge.

Now, onto that synopsis! Here’s a summary of what you’ll be experiencing when Starforge releases November 29th!

The end arrives in this epic conclusion to the UNSEC Space Trilogy!

Mankind stands on the edge of a precipice. The All sweep across colony worlds, consuming everything in their path. Earth has recalled her fleets to Sol, abandoning its charges. Pisces, her independence won, now stands alone as a foe unlike any other threatens from the dark. It is not a question of if the All will attack, but when.

Reunited at last, Jake, Anna, and Sweets again find their skills called upon, this time by the new leadership of Pisces. A desperate plan has been conceived, an all-or-nothing long shot out into the darkness of unexplored space to find a means of reactivating the artificial world beneath their feet. If Pisces’ weapons can be brought online there remains a chance that the relentless force of the All can be stopped before it extinguishes the light of mankind forever.

If. Threats move against them from all sides. The All has set its own plans in motion, determined to finish the work it began so long ago. UNSEC and Earth plot from the shadows, uncompromising under Eidre’s vision of a unified empire with Sol at the center, and willing to do anything to bring Pisces back into the fold—even burn it to ashes.

The Trio’s final journey has begun … and it’s an adventure unlike anything you’ve ever read before.

There you have it! If you’d like a few more details about the final product, such as page count, pricing, etc, they’ll be below the jump.

Alright, with the news about the pre-order and release date out of the way, let’s check out some more direct details.

Page count: Starforge weighs in around 1900 pages. This is an estimate via Amazon’s algorithm, which seems to shift over time (Colony was once 1500 pages but is now considered 1200), and is definitely not set in stone as most readers adjust font size and whatnot on their chosen device.

Wordcount: The final draft of Starforge—which includes the About the Author page, introduction, and formatting, is just shy of 503,000 words. Since I know the size of those extra elements, the text of the story itself weighs in at about 501,500 words. This is larger than Jungle‘s 468,000 words, or Colony‘s 334,000.

Pricing: Starforge is launching at a price point of $9.99. This happens to exactly make it the price of a $4.99 paperback from 1994, once inflation is taken into account as of today. Some of you may suggest that this is a little cheap. There are a few things that haven’t managed to adjust with the rapid rise of inflation in the last few years, but the crux of it is that Starforge is almost exactly the same price Colony was when it launched six years ago. Given the amount of bang you’re getting for your buck, I’d say this is a pretty sweet price.

Questions Answered: Of course I’m not going to number it, but yes, Starforge answers a number of questions that readers have been waiting for answers to since the very first installment of the trilogy. And some that many of you likely didn’t even realize were questions.

Release Date: Yes, Starforge is coming November 29th. Completing the trifecta of “each book in the trilogy coming out one week later than the last, three years later, in the same month.” No joke. You can check the release dates yourself.


Yes, there have been previews released for Starforge. You can check out excerpts from the first few chapters at the links below, or check out all previews at once with this tag.

Chapter 1 Preview: Jake Tames is back in this look at chapter one!

Chapter 2 Preview: Annalyne Neres takes the center stage in this preview … though the All threaten to steal the show.

Chapter 3 Preview: Ray “Sweets” Candy takes the spotlight for our third chapter preview!

And that’s it! It is a relief to finally be at this point. There’s still plenty to do in the weeks ahead, but the date is set. Starforge is arriving at last.

I hope you all enjoy it.

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