UNSEC Space Lore: Ōjin Weapons Development

Hello again, readers! We’re back with another UNSEC Space lore teaser! Starforge draws ever closer, but to tide you over until the wonderous day arrives, enjoy another brief look at the setting and universe of the UNSEC Space Trilogy.

As before, these posts contain spoilers for Colony and Jungle, the first two books in the trilogy. If you’d rather not have the reveals from those books spoiled, look away from this post and over toward our Books page, where you can find and acquire copies of both titles immediately, and thereby rectify that issue!

If you’re looking for prior UNSEC Space Lore entries, they can be found at the following links.

Today, we’re going to be taking a closer look at one of the post-Colony developments on Pisces, the founding of the arms manufacturer Ōjin Weapons Development.

Hit the jump! Major spoilers after this point!

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What Do YOU Want To See Being a Better Writer Talk About? That’s Right, It’s a Topic Call!

Hello writers! You were warning this post was coming, so hopefully you’ve taken the past few days to think over writing topics you wanted to see addressed, because as of right now, the Topic Call for future Being a Better Writer posts is open! That’s right, it’s time! Those of you who were waiting and ready for this to go can skip down to the comments section below to leave your requests for future posts. Those of you that skipped over the news bit earlier this week on Being a Better Writer, here’s the deal:

Being a Better Writer pulls its topics from an actual, physical list on my desk, each one having a little over twenty topics on it. Currently List #20 has only one topic left unaddressed—which will be used next week. So, when I start a new list—#21 is already in development—I always open the floor to reader requests for topics they’d like to see addressed with a Topic Call post.

And well, this is it! I’m going to be filling out the list over the next week or so as I see opportunities to talk about various topics, but if there’s something you’d like to see discussed on Being a Better Writer, now’s your chance to put ion a good word for it!

Hit the comments and go!

The “Ikea of Games” and Why Axtara is Such a Success

Hey writers! Got a short post for you today. Yesterday, after I wrapped up Being a Better Writer and started on some chores I had to take care of, I finally put on a video that had been sitting in my watch-later queue for quite some time and was immediately struck by the lessons in the video that apply to writing.

Specifically, this video explains why Axtara has been such a success, flying so far so quickly. As some of you might have gathered, sales numbers have been on my mind lately, as I’m pushing to reach that “10,000 total sales in ten years” number after finding out how close I was about a month ago.

Anyway, before I pontificate too much further, I’m going to link embed this video and encourage any of you writers who are looking at or wondering about your own sales numbers to take a look. This talk was given at the 2017 Game Developers Conference, or GDC, and so while it’s talking about lessons one can take towards game development from Ikea, it actually applies incredibly well toward writing and selling books. Give it a watch below the break.

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Being a Better Writer: Finding a Real Publisher

Welcome back writers! It’s another Monday, and you know what that means. It’s time for more Being a Better Writer!

In more ways than one, actually. See, for those of you that are new, BaBW takes its topics from a variety of souces: Online conversations, writing chats, reader requests, books I’ve read recently, and more. But all of those topics share a commonality: they eventually end up on a physical list of paper that sits on my desk as I go through topics one by one.

That’s right. An actual, physical piece of paper. At some point I started numbering these little sheets, and currently the one sitting before me is #20. Given the size of the notepad, a fairly significant number of topics can fill each one, but there’s always an inevitability.

Eventually, the list runs out. Which is where we are now with Topic List #20. There are only two topics left on the list—including today’s topic—after which Topic List #20 will have nothing left to give us.

In other words it’s time for Topic List #21 to start being populated. Those who have been long-time readers of the site know exactly what this means, but for those who have discovered it in the last few months or only drop by occasionally, this means that I put up a “Topic Call” post asking if there are any topics that anyone wishes to see addressed that we’ve not covered recently or before.

That’s right: A topic call is coming! It’ll drop later this week, so if there’s a burning writing question or curiosity you’ve had blending your brain for a while, now’s the time to post it. Usually about a quarter of each topic list—about five or six out of twenty or so topics per list—ends up being from readers, so there’s usually a good ratio of reader questions to go around.

So, if you’ve got a writing topic/question you’d like to see Being a Better Writer address, get ready to post it. When the topic call shows up later this week, you can drop it in, and I can go ahead and find a spot for it on the list.

Now, speaking of reader request, today’s topic is actually a reader request, one that has a bit of a story attached to it. So lean back, grab your favorite beverage or snack of choice if you so desire, and hit that jump. Let’s talk about finding a real publisher.

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