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All right everyone, let’s discuss the big news item first: Where is Starforge currently?

Well, the good news is it’s coming along well. I have, however, delayed the move into Beta by a few days while I do some more polishing and tweaking on the Alpha 2. I know, there’s a schedule with a ticking deadline that’s drawing closer and closer, but I want this story to land for as many readers as possible, so I’m making some final tweaks that aren’t, for the most part, large, but are in evidence through the whole of the book, just to get some narrative beats to land just right.

So yes, today is the last of these tweaks, at which point I’ll start dropping chapters into the Beta Master List, send out invites to those respondents to the Beta Call Email (if you previously have been a Beta Reader, check your inbox for the call), and will start sending emails out to those of you that commented on the Beta Call post.

I believe that’s everything for today. I mean, that’s what I have to do today for Starforge. Outside of writing work … Well, you’re not here for that news. You’re here for writing news. So: Beta delayed slightly due to some Alpha polish. Those who have Beta Read before please check your email inbox if you haven’t seen the Beta Call email, and those who left comments, emails coming.

Now, onto other news: The site remodel. Yes, you may have noticed some stark changes around here. Pleasant green swapped for a harsher red. The lack of a smiling dragon banker in the top banner, replaced by an almost blood-red planet floating in space.

Yes, it’s the change of the site’s look for the newest book release. I guess we’re fortunate that red fits both Halloween and Christmas as a color, because we’re going to be with this one for a little while. Granted, it fits the spooky Halloween theme a bit better than Axtara’s cheer. But if you’re missing Axtara, I’m certain she’ll be back. After, a new Axtara title is slated as the second book I’ll be working to release after Starforge is done, and those are lot less work than a juggernaut like Starforge, which means they’ll be coming quicker and sooner.

But hey, for now, let’s just bask in the stark, dark void that is the dread of Starforge, shall we? Two last bits of news, but they’re going below the jump.

So, which of the final two to talk about first? How about … the race to 10,000?

Honestly, I need to give this it’s own post, as it’s kind of a big deal, but I’ve been spending so much time on Starforge that it hasn’t happened yet. But the gist of it is, my lifetime sales are over 9,000, and that means that I could conceivably hit 10,000 sales lifetime before my ten-year anniversary of my first publication hits at the end of February 2023.

Seriously, 9,000 sales is no joke. That’s quite respectable given that I’ve only got seven books in total.

So, what’s the goal now? I want to tip that over to 10,000 before March of next year. This means a big push for Starforge, as well as all other content. 1,000 sales in six months.

Perfectly doable. So, if you’ve been looking at picking up a title or two recently, or looking for Christmas gifts for the reader in your family, consider taking a look at my lexicon and picking something out!

10,000 sales in ten years. It’s a milestone, but an achievable one.

Now, last bit of news for today: There’s a special post coming tomorrow! A lore post!

Basically, this is part of the ramp-up for Starforge, a series of lore posts detailing technology, history, factions, characters, or other elements of the setting seen so far in Colony and Jungle. Patreon Supporters actually got this post yesterday, while you’ll get to see it tomorrow.

That’s right, it’s a weekend post. Something you can relax with.

Anyway, tomorrow’s post is all about the history of Earth leading up to, and partway through, the 22nd century. Effectively what some of the major moments were that led to the Earth we see in the books from the Earth of today. Neat stuff. If you like the post, be sure to like it and leave a comment with what you’d like to see next! My goal is to drop these pretty regularly until Starforge comes out, and there’s a ton to explore in the setting, from tech to people, so if there’s something you want to see, let it be known!

All right, that’s all for today, I’ve got some final Alpha Edit changes to make. See you all tomorrow, folks!

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