A Short and Quick News Post!

Hello all! My apologies for this post coming in the evening, and being only one of two posts this week, though the other was a pretty significant one. I’ve just been quite busy.

How busy? I have been up writing past 1 AM more than once this week, and hit 2 AM at the latest. So I’ve been burning the midnight oil.

But! The short that blossomed into another YA novel in the Axtara setting—which I really need to name—has found it’s first draft completed! Sadly, it’s rough enough I’ll likely do a total if not near-total rewrite, but it is a neat story that explores a different side of the world already seen with Axtara and other related shorts.

Also, don’t forget, that other post this week was about the Starforge Beta Read! I am blitzing through the Alpha 2 changes right now, and will very likely have Beta chapters up for readers (and e-mails going out) either tomorrow or Monday.

Speaking of which, if you’re interested in being a Beta Reader, keep an eye on your inbox if you’ve commentated or been a prior Beta Reader, and if you’ve not been or done either of those things, comment at the Beta Call! If you already have, I’ll be reaching out to you soon.

Now, there’s a little more news, but it’ll be past the jump. Hit it!

So, what’s this second bit of news for everyone? Well, it’s a question, actually. A question I hope to get responses on.

See, Starforge is coming. And that means it’s time to start ramping up the promotional material. We’ve got the cover. We’ve had—and will have more—chapter and text excerpts. But what else would some of you like to see?

Right now, I’m thinking of Lore Dives. What happened at North Shore after the drones were deactivated and the trio left. What became of the survivors? What is Hard-Light Neural Skinsuit Armor? What colony worlds were there at the conclusion of book two? What were they like?

Little Sci-Fi vignettes, in effect, about the setting. Any interest? Leave some comments!

And me, I’m going back to editing! November here we come!

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