So … I Changed My Mind

Hey folks! Max here with a big announcement. One that I spoke about a few days ago, now here with its own post.

Or rather … a cancelation of that announcement.

Look, it’s no secret that prices and inflation and all the jazz I spoke both in this week’s news post and also in The Price We Pay about have happened in the last ten years. I was all set to announce that July 1st would be the day I switched up my digital pricing, readying for the next ten years.

But you know … it’s technically only been nine since I started. And a half. And a “ten year” price adjustment just feels … better, you know?

I realize I’m jumping ahead here. After sitting down and thinking about it, and weighing the numbers … Yes, I am making about 20% less on every book I sell now than when I set my prices nine years ago, due to inflation. But … changing prices on July 1st? Well … that didn’t sit well with me. Because as I said above, it’s only been nine years. My first book (and all the pricing I worked out for the books after) only came to be nine years ago.

So rather than change the prices now to reflect shifting values and inflation, I thought why not do it on January 1st, 2023? Why not truly give it ten years, and update everything then?

Maybe it’s just because most of us like round, solid numbers like ten. Or maybe I just felt blindsiding everyone with something that was a week out was a little too short notice, though I’d been running the numbers for a while.

So the big announcement is that starting July 1st … Nothing will happen. January 1st, 2023 however, the ten year mark? That is when I’ll adjust everything for inflation once more.

No joke, I was sitting down and running the numbers and prepping tables to show the various values and suddenly thought “Why now? Sure, I need to make the adjustment, but right now? Is that 20% really going to kill me?”

Okay, maybe? 20% is kind of a substantial number (and I’m the guy that counts pennies). But … Who likes being blindsided by that?

So, here’s what’s going to happen July 1st. Nothing. At least for my prices. No changes. Boom. Bam. None. If something happens to you in your personal life, well, that’s on you. But I probably had nothing to do with it. Unless you buy a book of mine and love it.

But I’m holding off changing the digital price for a few months. Until the new year. When 2023 hits? Well … all the revised pricing I’ve worked out will drop. And then there will be a month’s-plus worth of notice and warning.

So … I guess I gave your eyeballs a big dose of nothing, huh? Well … I’ll make up for it. The Starforge Alpha 2 is almost upon us. So why not offer a teeny-tiny teaser of what some of you are going to get an early look at?

It’s below the jump.

“… perhaps the ambition of life is madness, given frame and function. For after all, we call love madness and truth at the same time. Perhaps we are all mad, and find sanity in our shared lack of it.”

To Dream of Mars, early Martian Frontier Film, circa 2068.

I did say it was a tiny teaser. Good luck figuring out how that little bit is relevant to the story! See you all Monday!

One thought on “So … I Changed My Mind

  1. […] I spoke about this before a few months ago, so it shouldn’t be that much of a surprise, but with the rising inflation over the last few years, a number of my books (which were already quite cheap) have moved to being far too cheap (something multiple people have complained about to my face after purchasing them, in fact, so … yay?). […]


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