Hey Netflix, I Hear You’re Looking for New Shows …

So some news slipped across my radar this morning that Netflix, determined to claw back a sudden drop of subscribers, has put $18 billion toward pursuing new content to woo audiences with. Included among these, from what I gather, is a desire for a “female Jack Ryan,” aka a female action-adventure protagonist with intrigue, action, etc etc.

Netflix, might I humbly suggest Colony and the rest of the UNSEC Space Trilogy?

It’s got exactly what you want: Annalyne Neres, the South American mercenary who is one of the three primary characters, is absolutely an action star. There’s political intrigue as the three protagonists maneuver their way through various competing factions, there’s action as negotiation gives way to frantic, dangerous violence—

Oh, and did I mention it’s Science-Fiction? In other words, the perfect thing to fill the void left among viewers now that The Expanse is over and done.

Action, intrigue, mystery, and an audience of the streaming market that’s currently looking for the “next big thing.”

Better yet, it’s complete. The final book of the trilogy is coming out later this year, so a successful first season wouldn’t need to panic and stall while some finale is figured out. No filler needed. A complete story, and the rights are available and ready.

Or maybe you’re not thinking about Sci-Fi right now. Maybe you’re thinking of something a little more down-to-earth and old-school. Maybe “rustic?”

A Wild-West tale, then? There are rights for that available too! Shadow of an Empire is a fantastic Fantasy-Western adventure (think trains and steam, not sword and sorcery) following two investigators in a horseback pursuit across a sprawling frontier hunting a band of escaped criminals. Mystery piles upon mystery as the pair—and yes, one of them definitely counts as a “female Jack Ryan”—tracks the bandits through border towns and badlands, trying to figure out the band’s next move and get ahead of their crime spree, as well as determine what their ultimate aim is.

Westerns are an uncommon gem these days, and absolutely eye-catching in style and substance. How many westerns are there on the various streaming services? There’s Amazon’s Sci-Fi Western Outer Range, and Paramount+’s straight Western, 1883.

No one has a Fantasy-Western. But you could. Shadow of an Empire could be your gem to millions of viewers. The rights are available and waiting.

And if you’re not Netflix reading this, but a representative of some other streaming service thinking “Hey, those sound like good properties to turn into shows!” well, I’m not beholden to anyone yet. These rights are waiting for someone to express interest in.

They’re not the only properties sitting and calling for an adaptation, either. Axtara would make a delightful fantasy show for younger viewers. One Drink or Dead Silver are compelling Urban Fantasy Noir titles looking for a smooth jazz accompaniment and a live action detective. And then there’s the pile of shorts …

Point is, if you’re looking for new, well-regarded content to adapt for your viewers, I’m sitting on a selection that’s perfect for your needs. Drop me a line and get in touch.

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