What If … Colony was a Game?

All right folks, I did promise you something goofy, fun, and light-hearted while I did my taxes (though I don’t think I used all those words exactly), so here we go.

What if … Colony was a game?

Any kind of game. Board, tabletop, video, whatever. And yes, I’ll admit to having thought about this before and formed some of my own ideas (shades of that old game design education shining through). But what about you guys? If Colony hit it big and picked up a Netflix or Amazon streaming deal with all the usual tie-ins, what sort of merch would you want to see, specifically when it came to the entertainment tie-ins. Could any of them be anything special, or would they just be shameless cash grabs? Who, if you’re this specific, would you like to see handle such a product (for example, I’d love to see Colony as an RTS title by Blackbird Interactive in the style of Homeworld; the sub combat would add some great wrinkles and bring terrain to full fruition in an already awesome RTS style).

That’s it! That’s the discussion! What sort of game would you want to see tackled, and what would it look like? A Colony board game? A 4X? A collectible card game? Go nuts!

NOTE: As of posting, I certainly know of no streaming deal or tie-in products with the book (and I would be the first to know). This is more a fun exercise for some of you to really exercise those creative muscles.

And who knows? Maybe someone from Leder Games or Wizards of the Coast will stumble across any discussion, get interested, and something really cool will come of it. We’ve got Godzilla and Street Fighter Magic the Gathering cards. At this point, anything is possible!

So hit those comments!

7 thoughts on “What If … Colony was a Game?

  1. So I’ll kick things off with an expansion of my suggestion above: It think “Colony” would make a fantastic RTS in the style of “Homeworld” and from developer Blackbird Interactive. Blackbird are the kings of RTS in 3D space, but with their past titles (and the upcoming “Homeworld 3”) the space part has always been literal. Now, while they’ve used some pretty clever design to make the maps meaningful when one can move in a 3D vacuum, imagine setting that kind of control and clarity on Pisces itself during the short-lived revolution from the penultimate climax of the book!

    You could have tides that affect movement, current, and bottom terrain to worry about. Clouds of mud could obscure sensors and vision. Fleets and formations of ships could shift back and forth, fighting currents and debris to take down seafloor emplacements and seize city domes.

    I think it’d be a fantastic way to portray the setting.

    That’s my idea. What are yours?


  2. I always thought _Colony_ would work better as a cinematic action game. You know, with those big set pieces and linear narratives and high-budget cut-scenes. You’d alternate between the three protags with their differing playstyles: Anna’s stages would be more run-and-gun, Jake’s would have a mix of those and _Arkham Assylum_ investigation bits, and Sweets’s would combine parkour and hacking challenges. I could see arguments to make the game either 1st- or 3rd-person, but it would almost definitely be 3D.

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