Being a Better Writer: Live Q&A Event!

UPDATE: The event is now over, but you can still join the official discord for the next few hours!

Hello readers! And welcome back to something different! Not completely different, since A) we’re not doing that bit and B) we’ve done this before … But this will be only the second time.

To commemorate the end of yet another Being a Better Writer topic list (number 17), today at 3 PM mountain time I will be hosting a live BaBW question and answer session via the Unusual Things official discord channel The Makalay Camp. Which means that all of you can ask questions in real time and hear my melodious (?) voice give the answers!

Now, we’ve done one of these before and it’s generally a pretty relaxed and chill experience. As of right now, The Makalay Camp has two channels, Fireside Chat, and the Being a Better Writer Q&A voice channel. Participating in the Q&A will be pretty simple. You show up (we’ll talk about that in a moment if you’ve never used Discord before), join the Fireside Chat channel, and then join the Being a Better Writer Q&A voice channel by clicking on it. You may notice that you will not be able to speak in the voice channel. That’s by design. Otherwise there’d be a million voices competing. No, you join the voice channel to listen. That’s what I’ll be using to answer questions. Questions which will be typed in the Fireside Chat channel.

Now, if you’re familiar with Discord or already a member of the server, you know what’s up. For those of you that aren’t familiar with Discord or aren’t members of the server, hit the jump, and let’s get you set up with the link.

Okay, so here’s the thing: You don’t need to download anything to use Discord. You can, but Discord is light enough that it can also be run in a browser. Which means that with zero Discord experience, you can click the server invite link I’m about to offer and be on the server in moments. It’s really that easy.

Now, you might have to click around a bit to figure out what’s going on, but it’s pretty straightforward. The Makalay Camp server is the one with the nice appealing sunset image from Shadow of an Empire (and that’s not the only thing it borrowed). Once in that server, you can see all the channels there on the left side (but just to the right of the server list).

And that’s it! You’ve figured it out! Except that you’re not actually there yet, so let’s get you that link. This is the official invite link for the server, and will only be valid (and linked) for the next few hours.

Click here (Link now closed; next time!)

Once you click that—or if you’ve already clicked it—you’re in! See the above information if you’re still a little lost, or start clicking around and seeing what’s up. Or say “Hello” in the Fireside Chat channel!

Now, once 3 PM Mountain Time hits, make sure you’re in the Being a Better Writer Q&A voice channel so you can hear the responses to any questions you may have written! Enjoy, and welcome to the camp!

For the rest of you, I hope to see you at 3 PM Mountain Time (here’s a handy calculator to get the regional time for you, just make sure one of them is set to Salt Lake City) for the Q&A! See you soon!

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