Topic Call for Being a Better Writer!

It’s back! The time has come! Topic List #16 lies broken and battered, all but one of its topics spent. While Topic List #17 is fresh and pristine, ready to be decorated with concepts and ideas.

So the time comes once more, readers: What do you want to see Being a Better Writer discuss? What writing topics do you want to know about? What writing concepts do you want to hear more of? What puzzles and questions do you seek answers to?

Are they questions of editing? Of writing point-of-view? Of framing? Tone? Emotion? Depth? What are you looking to learn about? What do you want to know?

Whatever it is, now is the time to hit “comment” and post away! Because this is the Being a Better Writer topic call!

Seriously, hit “comment” and give us all something for the list!

4 thoughts on “Topic Call for Being a Better Writer!

  1. I haven’t been following long (considering how much is in the archives, so you may have covered this), but I’d love to read your take on “info dumps” and how to make them less “dumpy.” How are things like relationships, descriptions, world-building, and magic, brought up without the “as you know” dialogue. How are all of these things done naturally without accumulating plotless pages?

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  2. How do you deal with the tone of your story changing? In a lot of books and things, I’ve often seen stories morphing from something (most often) light-hearted to more grim and serious as they move along. I know you’ve touched on this before; that you’d typically make sure to include an element of the later feel to the start of the book to set it up, but what if, for some reason, that isn’t very feasible? Say, if you wanted to keep an element secret from your audience, and to drop too many hints (or perhaps any hints) in the beginning would spoil the surprise, and putting too many light scenes later would ruin the sense of seriousness, etc.
    How would you manage to keep it balanced in a case like that? Just practice and a lot of glue?

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