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Hey readers! Guess what? There’s only ONE WEEK left until the Life, The Universe, and Everything writing convention!

Yeah, that’s headline number-one today. As of today, we’ve only got a week left! Are you ready? I’ve been letting my brain boil over my panel topics, as well as making sure I’ve got a working setup to stream myself live. In fact, I’m considering doing a test run over Discord to see how my mic holds up, maybe a sort of live Q&A in place of next week’s Being a Better Writer, just to see how it goes. I’ve got a decent mic and headset, but I could also borrow a better one if needed. And I should have a decent webcam, but again, I could perhaps get a better one working. We’ll see. Look here for further updates. Point is, LTUE is coming and I’m excited! Are you?

Next up, let’s talk about Axtara! So the ebook has been out for over a month now, and the paperback a little over a week. How has everyone been finding it so far?

Spectacular. Okay, that’s my own reaction to the public’s reaction, but I’ve got those too. Reviews have started to roll in from a wide range of sources, and so far they have all loved meeting Axtara and getting to know her and her world. For example, we’ve got this bit from a review from a reader on Goodreads—

… Florschutz hit it out of the park with “Axtara–Banking and Finance.” … Regardless of whether you have a mathematical mind, I would highly recommend “Axtara–Banking and Finance”, and if the author is considering making a sequel, I would definitely look forward to picking it up. 

—or from this review on Amazon—

I’ll admit I was drawn to this book by the cover and the tittle, I mean a dragon banker, how could I not check this out? And this book delivers with laughter and intrigue … everything you could ask from such a book. 10/10.

—or this one—

… I loved it … it does leave it open for a sequel too, and I hope that there is one – or more – eventually!

—or this one—

I’ll give a try on kindle unlimited to most any book with a dragon as the protagonist, but I quite liked this one enough to leave a good review. I was particularly interested in the entrepreneurial elements as Axtara works to establish her bank. Axtara’s focus on reaching break-even point shows the author did their research here, and the business side seems well grounded and interesting. The fantasy setting was a lot of fun seeing how business would work there, and had some interesting hints as to other things yet to be discovered in the world (I’d definitely read a sequel …)

—that all seem pretty certain that they love Axtara and can’t wait to see more! And yes, there will be a sequel. I already knew the basics of the plot before Axtara was even halfway finished, and it’ll come along in due time. There also will be, and has been, more in the same setting (A Game of Stakes, my short in A Dragon and Her Girl, takes place in the same setting but a few decades earlier, while the as-yet-unpublished Trial for a Dragon stars Axtara’s older sibling Ryax).

But that isn’t the only feedback I’ve had from people regarding Axtara either. I’ve got two others I’ll share with you guys, though not in direct quotes. I’ve been told via Facebook by several people that their teenaged (or near it) daughters have been reading Axtara.

The ultimate test, as that is the intended audience. And …?

Well, in the words of one parent, and I quote, “She loves it!” Which has been the response from the other parents that have told me about their kid’s experience. Axtara, it would seem, is indeed a winner!

Oh, but that’s not all. Behold the following picture! It’s beyond the jump, since this post was getting long.

Yes, you’re seeing what I took a picture of. That is a picture of me signing the first in the wild copies of Axtara Well, a picture I took of the signed books. But yes, this last Tuesday, I was approached in the wild by someone who had ordered several copies (one personal, one to lend) and asked to sign them both! Which I did with absolute glee.

It wasn’t isolated either. Since then, I’ve been contacted by others, asking how they could acquire signed copies or get their copies signed!

So yes, the public reaction to Axtara – Banking and Finance has been overwhelmingly positive, from folks contacting me to let me know that their local library was picking up a copy, to telling me how much they’d loved meeting Axtara and being part of her journey, to people gushing about the cover art (which really does pop off of the book, and again was handled by the excellent Codie McKneely, so go show her some love!), Axtara is my latest success.

To all those of you that have read it, loved it, and made that love known to me, thank you. Thanks for buying, thanks for reading, and thanks for letting the world know how much Axtarai meant to you. In turn it means a lot to me.

And if you’re one of those readers that hasn’t met Axtara yet and shared wing with her adventure, well … if it sounds interesting to you, I’d urge you to take a look.

So, what other news do I have to talk about? Work on Starforge continues, as it has now passed the 50% marker. I may have mentioned this the other day, but if I’m saying it twice oh well. It’s past 50%!

And … I really can’t say anything else on that. I mean, I could, and I want to, but that’d be … spoilers.

But it’s really cool. You’re going to see some wild, crazy, and awesome stuff in this one. I can confirm that we’re only halfway through and we’ve seen multiple fleet engagements. This one’s going to go big.

And … with that I should probably get back to writing it, rather than about it. Again, don’t forget to register for LTUE, and to all those that are loving Axtara, thank you!

Max out!

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