Axtara – Banking and Finance Cover Reveal and Release Date!

It’s finally here!

Can you tell I’m excited? Late yesterday afternoon, I finally received the completed cover for Axtara – Banking and Finance! That’s right! The last bit of the process is in my hands at last. And it is glorious.

As with Shadow of an Empire, there’s a full-sized, 4K background version that will be available as well, which will wrap around the side and back of the paperback once that arrives. And, as with Shadow of an Empire, will be available to download and use as a background on your desktop. I’ll give you a preview of that today, after the jump.

Who created this wonderful piece of art, you may ask? The talented Cody McKneely, whose other work can be found at her site here!

Now, I’ll be spending the rest of today getting the ebook ready to go … which means I can also confirm a few more details, but I’ll put those after the jump (and the full-size preview). So go ahead and hit it!

All right, details! The ebook of Axtara – Banking and Finance will go live next Tuesday, December 22nd, and will launch at a price of $4.99. As is the case, this means there will be two price drops for my older works shortly after (once the steeper Christmas Sale is over). Shadow of an Empire will see its final price drop to $3.99, while Jungle, the most recent release, will be discounted 25% to $5.99.

Those of you wondering why Axtara isn’t launching at $7.99 I direct towards the size and audience difference. Jungle (and my last few books) have all been thousand-page juggernauts (or close to it). Axtara isn’t, and so I’m pricing it accordingly.

No word on paperback price yet. That’ll be my “over the holidays” project, with the goal of getting it out in January.

Anyway, those are all the details I’ll offer right now. Which means it’s time for a look at the promised full-image! Sans text. This image will be available in its full, textless glory to download once Axtara goes up for sale on the Books page.

And there you have it, readers! Some fantastic news! So warm up those eyeballs and grab your hot chocolate! Axtara will be taking flight soon! Look for the final preview this Saturday, and get ready to dive into Axtara‘s world!

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