Weekly Update

Short and sweet here guys. I’m still pretty tired. And was tested for Covid-19 last night so … yeah. 72 hours until the results come back. Only symptoms fatigue (a lot of it) and the occasional light headache.

But enough of that. Book updates!

Starforge is now at 163,500 words. I’m running a little slow right now, just doing 2,000 a day instead of 3,000-4,000 and I’m tired through it, but I can’t stop. This story is too important.

Axtara updates: I am still trying to find someone to do a cover. Most artists I’ve tried to contact are either busy or not doing art right now because of what I’m guessing are Covid-19 related issues. If any of you readers know of anyone who can do art like this and is looking for commission work, let me know.

That’s it for today. Tired now. Going to rest for a bit.

One thought on “Weekly Update

  1. So your test is the slower but more accurate one. I hope that, if you have the stupid virus, it is mild and you have no other issues. One of my uncles had it and he just had the sniffles. A friend’s brother had the anti-bodies but never had any symptoms. Personally, I suspect a lot more people were and are asymptomatic than we realize.

    I’m looking forward to Starforge. Take care of yourself. 2000 words a day is nothing to sneeze at.

    I sent your information to a friend who knows artists. She might know someone who might work. 🙂

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