News: Last Chance on Sale, Beta Wave 2 Invites, and Updates!

Hey readers! I’m still blitzing away at two projects at once (Starforge first draft and Axtara – Banking and Finance editing) so I’ll be keeping this a little short. As short as I can, anyway, while still keeping you all informed!

So first up: The Big 300 Sale! If you somehow missed the memo, everything I’ve published is on sale this week, at 50% off or more.

Oh, and this sale ends tomorrow. So your window for picking up a book or two at an absolute steal is shrinking. Not that I mind people paying $3.99 for Colony or $7.99 for Jungle, but right now you can grab both of those for a combined total of $6.

So yeah, tell your reading friends! There’s only a day and some change left before prices go back to normal! Sands, One Drink is completely free, and its sequel 99 cents. That’s a weekend worth of reading right there. And since another $3 would grab you the excellent Shadow of an Empire

Anyway, spread the word, since there’s only a short time left!

All right! Now onto more news! First up: The second wave of Beta Invites for Axtara – Banking and Finance.

Now, I have noticed that so far the Beta seems pretty clean. At least so far. But maybe more eyes will spot a few things. In fact, that’s what I’m hoping. Today I’ll be sending out Axtara‘s second wave of Beta Read Invites. If you’re interesting in Beta Reading and not on that list (or curious as to what Beta Reading is) check out the initial announcement post here. Extra eyes are always helpful, so if you’d like to read Axtara early and help out getting it ready for the world, check that post and drop a line!

Okay, speaking of which, how far along is Axtara – Banking and Finance toward that publication goal? Well, initially I’d hoped to have it out by the end of Summer. As yesterday was the first day of Fall, well … that clearly didn’t happen. Editing takes time. Right now I’m aiming at an October release (I’d really rather avoid November for good reason) but time will tell if that’ll be achievable or not.

In other news, Starforge is still coming along. The current draft is sitting at about 90,000 words, and is about roughly somewhere between a quarter and a fifth of the way into things. This one might be Jungle sized folks … but it’s way to early to tell for sure. But it’s got a lot going on!

And that’s really about it. I’m already itching to get back to Starforge here as the story moves toward the end of the first arc. So I’ll let you all go there. Back to it!

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