In Which the Universe Attempts Symmetry

Hello readers! Bit of an update here! You may have noticed that like last week I was a bit silent this week, despite not having made any plans in that direction. And, well, you’re right. I was planning on posting more this week. And starting Alpha Feedback response for Axtara – Banking and Finance. And finishing my Jungle reread so that work could begin in earnest on Starforge.

So what happened? Well … my ribs happened. Or rather, idiot teenagers happened to my ribs.

So here’s the breakdown: On Monday, after I’d finished this week’s Being a Better Writer and done a little bit of prework on Starforge, I decided to go out for a nice spot of exercise (trying to stay healthy) on my bike and ride down the local trail near my home. This went wonderfully until

See, this trail has underpasses. It flows beneath several roads, highways, and railways, so in each case it dips down like one would expect, those using the trail emerging on the other side into the sun once more.

No one expects a teenager to fall on them during this process.

See, these teenagers, in one of the more pure examples of how teenagers can be complete idiots, had decided it would be fun to climb up atop one of these overpasses and then drop down onto the trail.

Without looking to see if anyone was coming. Into the lane of the trail where no one would be able to see them dropping down.

So as I came out from under this underpass … a teenager landed on me and rode me into the ground. I rolled, well familiar with what to do in the case of a bike accident, but the added impact of a teenager landing atop me and using me as a cushion?

Three cracked ribs on my left side. Ow. Guess the universe wanted me to have symmetry for the four I cracked on my right all those years ago.

did chew them out for their idiocy. The teen was fine too. Cause I broke his fall.

So yeah, that changed my a week a little. Doctor visit, getting the ribs moved back into the proper spot (let me tell you that is both unique, uncomfortable, fascinating, and wrong to feel, but it did remind me of this), and dealing with suddenly being a zombie (muscle sprains and other injuries came of this as well), and then lack of sleep because for those first few days (especially before the ribs were in the right place again) sleep was very difficult.

I’m mostly back to me again now, and at least sleeping soundly while letting a sprained wrist and the more obvious cracked ribs heal, but it definitely waylaid this week a bit.

Sorry guys. I’ll try to catch up next week. I will, however, give you one other bit of news: I am excited to start work on the Starforge prologue. It’s … well let’s just say Starforge is going to be climactic!

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