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Hey folks! Who’s ready for a weekend?

I certainly am. This week has been, no mistake, all over the place. I’m looking forward to some relaxation when the weekend hits, that’s for sure! Not too much, though. I’ve still got work on Stranded to think about. Slowly but surely, that story grinds forward.

But that’s not what I wanted to talk about today. Well, outside of reassuring some expectant readers that it’s still coming. No, today’s post is a bit of a grab bag post, talking about everything that’s been going on. Such as Fireteam Freelance.

Last night I put the finishing touch on episode #9 of Fireteam Freelance, and it was a good one. I’m not going to spoil how, or why, but I think it may be one of my personally favorites in the series to date.

You readers, of course, are still on episode #6 (Mandatory Takeout). So I think it’s safe to say the backlog is building up pretty well right now. Today I start episode #10, which marks a noted shift as, well, it’s near the end of the season. Again, no spoilers, but with a name like Swift Tilt, those of you invested in the universe can probably make some good estimates. And if you’ve been carefully hording your puzzle pieces so far, trying to piece together everything … get ready. That’s all I’ll say.

Granted, you’ve got some time yet. Tomorrow’s update will be another interview, the second-to-last, this time with the team’s close-combat specialist, Ursa. The Saturday after that will see the release of episode #7, Missing Persons, and you are not going to want to miss it. The week after that? You’ll have to see, but I think many of you will find it worth the wait.

Now, that’s not all the news I have on Fireteam Freelance. For those of you readers here that are familiar with the website SpaceBattles, I’ve begun considering posting episodes of Fireteam Freelance there on their fiction boards. Why? Well, I’ve noticed a few other posters of original fiction posting material that has come from their work elsewhere, and it could be good publicity. Those of you here who hail from SpaceBattles, what say ye? I know you’re here, since I see the link-trackbacks from time to time. And I am on SpaceBattles myself.

In the interest of not exhausting myself with one too many projects, postings on SpaceBattles would only occur every week, as it does here on my site (save on the off week to the episode posts here). So it wouldn’t start out by posting everything up front, but follow the same schedule in a delayed fashion.

I don’t know. I’m thinking about it. If you have thoughts, leave a comment below. Especially if you’re a SpaceBattler.

Okay, so what else is there to talk about? I’ll tell you what else there is to talk about: Facebook ads!

I’ve mentioned Facebook advertising on here before, in the context of how I wasn’t making use of it, mostly because when I’d attempted to set it up, the process was kind of a pain. But in the interest of trying to expand my readerbase (and do more than simply pay my rent check with my royalties), I once again have decided to give it a shot!

And hey, it’s actually improved quite a bit. Unlike the last time I gave it a try, the process was pretty painless this time around, They were up and running in minutes. Getting results almost as quickly.

So far, cheaper than Amazon Advertising by quite a bit as well. Still remains to be seen if they’ll generate the same amount of activity, but …

Hey, that’s what tests like this are for. I’ll let you folks know how it works out.

So, what other news might I have? Well, we’re coming up on the two-year anniversary of Shadow of an Empire. That’s right, Shadow released almost two years ago on June 1st of 2018. Am I thinking sale? You bet I am! And while Starforge is my next big project, and I’d like to do another Unusuals Book after that, I do wish to return to the world of Indrim in the future. Sands, I’ve already got the plot of a second book figured most of the way out.

Anyway, sale coming for Shadow of an Empire. Probably a short one, but it’ll be the perfect time to recommend it to someone you know!

And my brain is tapped out for other news, so with that I’ll bid you farewell. Stay healthy, and keep reading!

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