Patreon Supporter Content Update

Hello readers! I hope you’re all staying healthy and hale out there! Just dropping a quick update, mostly for Patreon Supporters.

Why? Because they’ve gotten two bits of bonus content in the last two days. And substantial content at that.

The first? Well, for those of you that have read the Interview Excerpt with Adah Nay, AKA the latest Fireteam Freelance entry, you may have noticed some … discrepancies. After all, it was edited for “space constraints.”

Well, thanks to a team member, a raw unedited version of that interview chunk is now up on Patreon as a support bonus! Comparing the two might lead to some … interesting … differences.

But that’s only the first bonus. The second? As I work on my entry for Parliament of Wizards, tentatively titled A Trial for a Dragon, one of the things I need to do is cut down my wordcount, which ended up about 2,100 words past the 17,500 limit.

Whoops. But in that, the most obvious candidate for the cut is the intro, which came in at a staggering 3000 words and should easily be able to be reduced to about half that if I make a few small sacrifices. It’ll change the opening tone a little, but I’m all right with that.

However, that doesn’t mean this intro should go to waste. After all, even now it does feel like I hit what I was going for, which was a relaxed look at a beautiful countryside under a warm sun evoking the vision of a painting.

But hey, isn’t cut content like this exactly the kind of stuff Patreon Supporters like to see? Yes, yes it is, and it’s the kind of stuff I promise them. So if you head on over to Patreon right now, and are supporting the site, you’ll find about 3,000 words worth of A Trial for a Dragon on display for your reading enjoyment!

In the meantime, I’ve got to get back to work polishing this story up!

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