The Emergency Update

Initial Emergency post here.

First of all, thank you everyone who posted get-well wishes, sympathy, and support for my sister. It was passed on an appreciated. She’d had a rough week already before everything went sideways at 40+ MPH, making the collision and totaling of her car the cherry on top.

However, she’s doing really well. The first two days were the roughest, as all the muscles across her body were not having a good time after the accident, and so bruised and tensed and whatnot were stiffening, swelling, and pulling her broken collarbone every which way they could. Tuesday morning she was too sore and stiff after sleeping to even get up.

But the swelling has faded, the muscles healing and loosening up, and my sister’s adjusted enough to having one functional arm at the moment that as of last night I am back in my own home.

I slept way in this morning lol. Catching up.

Okay, so there are two things I need to discuss now: how my sister’s doing, and what the status of Christmas updates for the site will be.

First up my sister: She’s well-cared for now. Her collarbone is broken, yes, but it’s a clean break and should heal well. She’s already seeing a sport-doc for it, and insurance, while a tangled, complicated mess, has at least let the wheels roll forward. It appears that she’ll be on leave from work for some time, but it’ll be covered, as well her medical and whatnot. There’s plenty to do going forward, but she’s gotten past the start, which was pretty much all uphill.

So, second, what that means for the site. Well … things are a bit behind. I’ll post the last Being a Better Writer of the year tomorrow, and then take my Christmas break. Straight up this has delayed my schedule by about a week: Axtara – Banking and Finance was likely going to be done on Wednesday before this all happened. Now it’s not likely to be done until right before Christmas. Which means the next chapter of Sunset: Stranded, for you fanfic readers and Patreon supporters, which I was going to work on this weekend, is now … Christmas?

So yeah, delays. Add in being broke and even my sister was joking about setting up a Gofundme for her collarbone that she could then just hand over to me for spending the last three days taking care of her.

Maybe I can get her to plug my books now. Hmm …

Anyway, basically everything’s been shoved back by these three days, which is just kind of unlucky considering where the schedule was and the Christmas Holiday next week.

Well, at least my sister is doing fine. Oh, and Jungle continues to both sell quite well and pick up high praise in its reviews. It appears that overall its first month of sales will come in below Colony‘s first month, but only just, and with a longer, steadier tail than Colony had after its first few weeks.

I also must admit that I really loved a line from one of the five star reviews lamenting how few people seemed to have heard of Colony and Jungle given how stellar they found them both.

Again, seriously, if you’ve not picked up either Colony or Jungle and you’re a fan of Sci-Fi you’re making a huge mistake. Treat yourself for Christmas and grab both ASAP.

Anyway, tonight I’ll be busy with a lone shift at my part-time. Tomorrow I’ll get that post up and work on finishing off Axtara. I’d like to spend the last week of December getting pre-work done on Fireteam Freelance so that chapters for that can start dropping in January.

Yes. January. Get excited people. This is the one that’ll be going up chapter by chapter in a somewhat episodic format, here on the site. Nice, eh?

Of course, that is assuming things go to plan and I’m not homeless once Christmas is over. Money woes are … bleh.

Let’s just say if you can word of mouth share about my books, or pick up a few for the holidays, it would be greatly appreciated.

Anyway, I’ve got work to get back to. This has been your update, and I’ll be back tomorrow!

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