Being a Better Writer Topic Call!

Hey readers! It’s time! Being a Better Writer is building a new topic list, so while you can, get what you’d like to hear about on it!

That’s right, it’s a topic call! While I get back to work on Axtara (coming along nicely) and watch the first few reviews for Jungle roll in (all positive so far!), I can’t forget that Being a Better Writer, as always, runs every Monday (barring the rare exception) and so will be back after this weekend!

So then … what do you, the readers, want to hear about? What writing topics would you like to see covered? Post what you’d like to hear about in the comments below!

In the meantime, I would like to put in a plug for the Patreon side of things. Patreon is a nifty little service where you can set up an amount to donate each month in support of a creator, and Unusual Things has one as well. Keeping the site ad-free isn’t exactly free, nor is featuring Being a Better Writer each Monday. While the goal is to keep things as open and free as possible, donating to Patreon is a great way to throw a bit of spare change the creator’s way and keep the site up and running even if you’re not inclined to buy a book.

Those who do support via Patreon get early access to previews of books, special shorts, and other little bonuses as a way of saying thanks, so check it out and become a supporter today!

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