Jungle Release Date Reveal!

Well readers, this is it. I promised I’d have an update for you before the end of the week, and while I cut it close, this is it. Jungle‘s pre-order status is being reviewed as I write this, and will likely be up before Monday.

Yes, that’s right, you’ll be able to pre-order Jungle very soon. But with that comes something else: the release date.

Are you ready? Well here goes!

Jungle will release to the world November 19th! In just a little over two weeks you’ll finally be able to see what became of Jake, Anna, and Sweets.

In fact, if you’re looking for an official synopsis to get you ready to go, you’re in luck!

Jake, Anna, and Sweets are back in the long-awaited sequel to Colony!

Fresh off their mission to Pisces, the trio is looking forward to a well-deserved rest, and better yet, a fat paycheck after everything that occurred on the alien world. But all that comes to a crashing halt when they’re waylaid above Earth by their employer and find themselves with an extended contract, sending them right back out into space.

Worse yet, their trio has been split to best handle their new assignments. Jake and Anna find themselves attached to a scientific expedition, tasked as security escorts keeping the expedition safe as they investigate a new potential colony world thriving with a vast, vibrant jungle. Meanwhile, Sweets has been assigned aboard an UNSEC military vessel, tracking down the source of a pervasive cyberattack against their hardware.

But as both teams get to work, it’s clear that there may be more to their respective missions than they were led to believe. The cyberattacks are brazen and powerful, but simplistic and utterly untraceable. The alien world’s ecology defies logic and sense, puzzling the expedition team.

And above it all, the ripples of events on Pisces continue to spread through the galaxy …

Get ready folks. Because Jungle is almost upon us! I’ll throw up a link to the pre-order as soon as it’s cleared!

Jungle Cover

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