Jungle Alpha Call 2 and Hunter/Hunted Update

News post! Let’s dive right in!

So, first up, let’s talk about Jungle. For those of you for whom the name doesn’t breed instant recognition, Jungle is the sequel to Colony, that big Sci-Fi Epic I released a few years ago that was a smash hit. Jungle is currently in Alpha, and moving along at a steady clip. I’m still working on having this one out by the end of summer/early fall. Which means in the coming weeks I need to start working on the cover while the first cycle of Alpha readers finish making their way through it.

I can already tell it’s going to be good. I’m getting Alpha read notifications at four and five AM, and the tension of readers as they make their way through the chapters is ratcheting up (I know this because I get comments). So far it’s looking pretty good.

However, I do want to widen the pool a bit. So I’m opening up a second Alpha call for Jungle. I’m looking for a few more Alpha readers willing to run through it in its current state and take a look.

Alpha Reading, though. Not Beta. For those of you not familiar with the editing process, Alpha Reading is not concerned with typos or the like. Alpha Reading is about the big things. Does the plot make sense? Did this chapter drag? Was this chapter exciting? What are predictions for the upcoming chapters? Was this concept adequately explained or was it confusing?

Beta, which comes later, is all about the typos and whatnot. Because there’s no sense in fixing them if the “fix” is in a section that may be rewritten.

But Jungle is still very much in Alpha right now.  Chapters are still open to being modified extensively, even with whole sections rewritten if needed (though that hasn’t happened yet; at most there’s just some trimming and small rewrites).

So, if you’re interested in playing a part in the Alpha of Jungle, leave a comment or contact me through the usual channels. The most headlong of the current Alpha readers is about halfway through, so you’d probably be able to catch up.

Commitment warning: The current draft of Jungle is about 456,000 words. Yes, that is gargantuan. Even longer than Colony (there’s a reason for it, I swear). So yes, it is a significant time investment. On the other hand, you will get to read the whole work before it ever comes out (please don’t spoil it for those who are waiting eagerly for the release) and be able to offer feedback that can help polish that final release.

So again, if you’re interested, fire me a line via the usual methods. If you’re new, I’ll set you up with a few chapters to cut your teeth on, and if you’re a returning Alpha Reader from before who now has the time, welcome back!

Now, that’s it for Jungle news. Well, almost. Just let me express how awesome this story is. I don’t want to spoil anything but if you enjoyed Colony you’re going to love this, and be taken for a surprising ride as well.

I’m not going to say anymore than that. Now. on to Hunter/Hunted.

So, where’s Hunter/Hunted at? I originally (and mistakenly) thought that Hunter/Hunted would be out in May or the end of April. Granted, I made those predictions around when I wrecked my wrist, but here it is at the end of June, and Hunter/Hunted is still not out in the public’s waiting hands yet.

Well, here’s where it currently stands: Hunter/Hunted is in Beta. Almost done with it, in fact. There are only a few chapters left. At which time that’s complete, I’ll be ready to start uploading chapters and setting a release schedule. Just one, slight problem.

No cover.

Oddly enough, this has proven more problematic than I predicted. Long story short … the kind of art I’m looking for isn’t what’s normally done by the fandom the story is for. Which leaves me at a temporary impasse until I figure something out. A bit of a pain, but there are other options I’ll have to explore as I have time.

That said, as close to being done as Hunter/Hunted is …

July. Yes. July. For certain. I won’t give you a date yet, but I can say that more information and teasers will start dropping before long.

Now if I could just figure out that darn cover …

Okay, one last bit of news. Then we’re done. It’s time for a review update!

As some of you may recall, one of my goals for the year is to make it to 400 reviews/ratings between Goodreads and Amazon. And as of last count, my collected works are sitting at …


Okay, not too much of a climb over my last tally. But still moving upward. While 400 is starting to look a bit out of reach barring some significant shift, 300 is still plausible. Only 94 to go!

Anyone of you readers out there read one of my books and not let review or rating? Now could be the time to change that!

Right, that’s it for the news. I’m going to get back to editing now.  Hunter/Hunted and Jungle both! At the same time.

A mistake I won’t repeat in the future. One 300K+ book at a time from now on, I think.


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