Submission Call for Twilight Tales!

No. Not that Twilight. But rather this one!

Those who’ve been following the site for a while may recall that last year I worked on a short story for the LTUE benefit anthology A Dragon and Her Girl, which will be their 2019 release. LTUE being Life, the Universe, and Everything, an awesome (if not the most awesome) convention for writers, authors, and everything Sci-Fi and Fantasy, and the benefit anthology being a short story collection where the sales go to keeping the costs of the con down for students and other young aspiring writers.

Right right. Well, the call for this year’s submissions to be part of the LTUE benefit anthology are now open, and will be through August 15th! And they’re asking for light horror stories.

Me? I don’t have time right now. I’ve already got way too many projects on my plate on top of life issues to keep track of. But what about you?

Yes, you! That’s right! You! Sitting/standing there reading this!

Look, I know who my fans are. And I’ve seen some of your work. And I know that you guys are talented. I also know that for every fan whose work I’ve seen online or had the fortune to read, there are probably a dozen more who are here following Being a Better Writer, dutifully working on improving their craft and looking for their next challenge or chance to shine.

Well, this could be it. You’ve got until August to submit a short story of light horror that hasn’t yet seen the light of day (read: unpublished, not a vampire script, though there’s a funny idea) to the publisher, Hemelein, for a chance at being in the collection.

Now, note that this is a benefit anthology. There’s no moolah to be made in this, as all proceeds go to supporting LTUE. Specifically, those nifty $5 passes for the students.

But I did it anyway. I love LTUE. I enjoy supporting it. I once was one of those $5 students and appreciated that chance to learn from the experts.

Plus, if you get in you do get your name in print next to some fairly high-profile authors. Seriously, look at the list of names in this year’s release Trace the Stars. Those are some A-list authors right there.

And look, again I’ve seen some of the stuff followers of this site have written. You guys have some chops.

So, I highly recommend taking a look at the full list of requirements and assorted information at Hemelein’s official submission call. They’re looking for light horror short stories, up to 17,500 words in length, never before published.

Take a look at it, and best of luck to you in your submissions!

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