Endgame (Yes, the Marvel Movie)

First of all: NO SPOILERS.

I mean, really readers? I wouldn’t do that to you.

But I have just returned from Marvel’s Endgame. Yup, my birthday gift to myself was a ticket for opening night. Kind of. It’s 4 AM here, so you can guess how late I was at the showing. But …

Here’s all I have to say. Again, no spoilers. None. I simply couldn’t.

If you’re at all invested in the Marvel films, just go see it.

I still remember sitting down to see Iron Man ten-odd years ago with my younger brother. I remember watching through it, enjoying every minute, chatting through the end credits … I think just because we had nothing better to do and were really excited to have seen such a good superhero flick.

And then it happened. The credits ended. And a new scene played. With Samuel L. Jackson. I turned to my brother, eyes wide, and loudly proclaimed “They’re doing it.”

And they did. Have. And tonight … was the culmination.

What else is there to say? You already know whether or not you plan to see Endgame. I can’t say any more without risking spoilers. Just … I found it worth my time. I’m still digesting everything but …

Years from now, I’ll be able to tell my niece and nephew about how I went to see it, how I saw it start … Just like my parents told me about seeing Star Wars for the first time.

So yeah. If you’re at all interested … face the crowds and go.

And be ready for a ride.

One thought on “Endgame (Yes, the Marvel Movie)

  1. I saw it April 25th at 6pm with my little brother. Afterward, we were talking about it and trying how to say stuff so we didn’t spoil anything. So, we simply settled with this. I liked it. It was satisfying.

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