A Multitude of Various Updates

Hey readers!

I know. Content has been light the last few weeks. Thankfully enough, that’s about to change, starting with today!

First, I can’t tell you how good it feels to be writing again, even if I’m only at the moment doing about 1,500 words a day. Which all things considered is pretty good. But doing more than that makes me pretty sore. And it might get cut down slightly now that I’ve started physical therapy, which has given me a rash of exercises to do that, well, if you’re familiar with how physical therapy works, they wear the recovering area out.

But I’m doing my best to bring things back up to speed. Things may be a little shorter than normal for a while, but I’m trying. But today I’ve got some updates for you on how Unusual Things will be coming back on track. Upcoming features, current projects, etc. And then at the end of it all, a Being a Better Writer topic call! It’s been a while since I’ve done one of those!

So, first and foremost, the current editing project: Hunter/HuntedHunter/Hunted is currently in the Alpha, and has been distributed to several Alpha Readers, and now I’m just waiting for them to work their way through. Once that’s done, we can move to beta, and once that’s done? Well, the usual. Out to the public with it! Or at least, the side of the public that’s made up of my old guard fans.

At this point, though, it’s up to the Alpha readers to go through it. I’m excited to let this one out into the wild, but not until it’s ready to survive and thrive.

Which reminds me, I gotta find a new artist for the cover.

Now, onto more news!

Next up, I want to talk about Patreon for a moment. Just a moment. If you’re a Patreon supporter, you know that last month’s supporter reward … never materialized.

I really hope you guys understand why. The injury kind of knocked me back quite a bit. But, to make up for it, February’s reward is going to go up at long last either tonight or tomorrow. And it’s a good one.

What is it? A new short story, of course! Currently titled Human Resource, though that may change.

And yes, this may have in part been inspired by my experiences with real-world HR. As well as conversations and general trends of things. Think of it as  … a cautionary tale.

Anyway, that’ll go up on Patreon today or tomorrow (EDIT: It’s now up! Check it out here!), at long last, as the February reward. In April I’ll put it up here on the site, and then at some point I’ll make it part of More Unusual Events.

Got it? Good! Moving on …

Non-BaBW posts. Specifically, thoughts, op-eds, and other things posted here on Unusual Things. They’re going to resume at last. They’re probably going to be a little small, since yeah, injury, but they are going to become regular once more.

And of course, I’ve not forgotten the most-requested current topic: The Injury post. Yes, I know you folks want it. And it’s coming. A post full of pictures detailing what happened and what the recovery has been like (spoiler: BORING). I’ve had a couple of requests for pictures, and while they may not be professional and have been taken one handed (as expected when taking a picture of your other hand, unless you have three or more), they’re pretty good looks at how things have gone.

But there are other posts coming as well. A delayed post on modern book covers. Probably a post on some movies I’ve watched while being down and out. A post on Captain Marvel as soon as I can go see it (I’m sort of out of my usual transport method of biking, and the nearest movie theater is a good hour+ away on foot). And probably a few other one-offs I’ve forgotten at the moment.

Point being, content is coming!

On to another nice, quick update: Goodreads has hit 100 ratings! Between it and Amazon, that’s almost 200 ratings and reviews left on my books. So I’m about halfway to that end-year goal of 400! Huzzah!

Now, the final announcement. Next week will see the return of regular Being a Better Writer posts! That’s right, they’re coming back! They might be a little shorter than normal on account of my wrist, but that’s all right. It’ll force me to really condense things down.

Now, on that topic, I figured I’d share some of the upcoming topics and open up a topic call! What will we be seeing in the weeks to come? Well, I’ve got a piece on what to cut as well as a bit on getting over the early speed bump of discovering writing is work, which will polish of Topic List XII. And over on Topic List XIII I’ve got some topics such as Epic Fantasy, strong female protagonists, the important of tone, and some others.

So, as I end this post, I have one question for you reader out there: What topics would you like to see Being a Better Writer tackle? What concepts, ideas, genres, or writing tools would you like explored?

Leave your ideas in the comments!

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