Price Drops, Wrist Report, and Other Updates

Hello readers! Again, I apologize for the lack of material these last two weeks. This arm injury really threw a wrench into everything writing and life-wise. And right now I’m battling to get my worker’s comp (and may, it seems, need to get a personal injury lawyer) so that’s taking up time … Ugh.

You know, things would be a lot nicer if companies would just be nice, ethical, and legal. Or at the very least not attempt to bury their screw-ups and take responsibility for their mistakes. I’m not looking forward to going down there today, let me tell you.

Anyway, that does tie in with the arm. How is it? Well … improving. I’d say I’ve got about 50% of the mobility back in my wrist, and the swelling has gone down. I can hold something that weighs a pound or two without too much strain now, though position matters. And the brace helps.

All said, it’s getting better. The gash is healing too. Still looks ugly, and will probably leave a scar, but … that’s life. It still aches a bit when editing and writing, so I have to take breaks, but they’re getting less frequent. Another week, I’d say.

Unusual EventsNow, on to other news. Those of you who like to wait until a book is cheap will be glad to hear that Unusual Events: A “Short” Story Collection has just seen its final price-drop. It’s three years old now (and sold about four times that number of copies; not a seller this one) so it’s reached its final depreciation backlog price of $3.99.

All the other details about this collection still apply. 500+ pages. Ten “short” stories (more like a few short stories and a bunch of novelletes and novellas). Unusual stories, stories set in the real world, a story set in Indrim, some new stuff.

Well, new when it came out three years ago. But not republished elsewhere! You can’t get them save by buying the collection!

Now, next update. The Dusk Guard Saga: Hunter/Hunted is ready for Alpha Readers! That call will now go up in the proper place right after this post.

Which also means … my next book project can start. Which is … a Halo novel.

Just the first three chapters. Got to see if Gallery wants to buy it first. Three chapters and a synopsis. That’s all. I’m holding myself to that. I won’t write the whole thing out yet, even if I want to (it’s going to be a blast).

Once those three chapters are done, what comes next? Glad you asked. How about … Jungle?

That’s right, folks, it’s time. The sequel to Colony will be going into Alpha in the next few months, and I’ll be working on Fireteam Freelance while editing it.

Freelance, if you’ve forgotten, being an episodic side-story I’ll be posting raw to this site, Still working out the details there, but it’ll be part of the same universe (and a fun experiment).

But yes, Jungle is going into the full editing process soon. Which means it will come out sometime in the fall. Current plan, anyway. This books is long. And I do need to rewrite some chapters and do some general cleaning. Plus normal editing responses from Alphas and Betas.

Ready your metaphorical pens, Alpha team. Jungle is coming!

And I think that’s about it for the … Wait, no. Patreon.

I know there wasn’t a Patreon reward for February. My wrist injury sort of put the kibosh on that. And there isn’t one yet but I’m well aware I owe you guys one.I will be working to overcome this and make up for it in the weeks ahead as my wrist improves.

Also, I am now sitting at 196 reviews and ratings out of a goal of 400 for the end of the year! And still at a 4.6 star average too (oh yeah!).


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