So the Update…

So first of all, this has been written from my phone, since I can do that one-handed. But most of you probably saw that notification on Monday’s Bring a Better Writer post.

My right arm is a little unusable at the moment.

What happened? An accident at my part-time job happened. A six-foot long piece of metal weighing just under twenty pounds came free of an air-wall railing fifty feet up and fell on me. Luckily, I kept it from hitting my head with my arm. My right arm and wrist.

Which is now incredibly swollen and necessitated an immediate trip to the ER where I received seven stiches and may still go back for x-rays (there could be a fracture/fractures).

So yeah, I’ve been one-handed since Saturday night. Doctor told me not to use my right thumb or fingers to avoid tearing my stiches.

So that’s why I’ve been quiet. My arm is aching, swollen, and a variety of colors. Recovering, but it’s a good thing I already reached my word quota this month.

Anyway, I’ll be back to at least editing soon (that’s at least less writing) but right now even using a computer mouse is dicey.

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