Shadow of an Empire Wallpapers!

Hey readers! Got a pretty awesome treat for you all today!

You’ve seen the cover for Shadow of an Empire, right? That awesome, western vista done by Michal Kváč. Well, those close followers of the site may remember how I teased that it was wallpaper-sized. And those who were Patreon Supporters? They got the wallpaper sizes.

Well, as of today, you can too. That’s right, in beautiful 4451×2560 Widescreen, you can have the full cover image of Shadow of an Empire for your desktop or digital device background, available in both textless and text versions.

Shadow of an Empire - Textless Wallpaper

Seriously, just look at these. The textless shot is absolutely gorgeous, a perfect fit for Shadow of an Empire‘s wide expanses. And the text-covered wallpaper ensures you won’t forget the source, or shows off to your friends exactly where this awesome art came from!

Shadow of an Empire - Text Wallpaper

Both of these images are now free to download. Just open the image in a new tab, and the right-click and select “save target as.” Save it where you want it, and then make it your background on your favorite device!

These images will also be linked on my books tab later today for the future, freely accessible. Now enjoy!

And naturally, if you haven’t read Shadow of an Empire yet, what are you waiting for? Grab a copy and go!