The Cycle Begins Anew

This one might be a little … scattered. Why? Well, I just got back from the dentist.

hate going to the dentist. Nothing against dentists, actually; they’re some of the kinder doctors I know. And it’s not because I’ve had a traumatic experience in my past or have horrible dental problems (I take meticulous care of my teeth because I don’t like the dentist). I just have a weird, paranoid, irrational fear of people messing with my teeth.

Weird, right? Go figure. I know it’s irrational, but that doesn’t stop my body from flooding me with enough adrenaline that my hands shake during a checkup. Those poor dentists. I put on some tunes and zone out as best I can, but even then they can tell I don’t want to be there.

Point being, I’m coming off an adrenaline rush right now. Which is fitting. Because coming off of a book launch feels a little similar in a lot of ways. Just … more spread out.

So then, how is Shadow of an Empire doing? Well … it’s doing pretty well.

Sadly, I think the record for biggest launch is going to stay with Colony for a while yet. I had hoped that Shadow of an Empire could beat its launch, and it did come close for that first week … but Colony remains the victor for launch sales. So now it’s up to the next book (Jungle) to topple that throne.

But while Shadow of an Empire hasn’t outsold Colony (and to be fair, it was a long-shot, being a Fantasy-Western going up against a Science-Fiction novel) it has done pretty well. Early reviews began trickling in almost immediately, all favorable, and sales-wise it’s ticking right along behind Colony.

It’s also outstripped Colony so far in one area: Reader response. With Colony, the first review didn’t hit for a week, the second not long after. Shadow of an Empire, meanwhile, nabbed its first review in just two days. It was a Five-Star response from a reader who couldn’t put it down, too. Since then it’s picked up several more, all highly favorable. It’s a positive response, and I’m looking forward to seeing what sort of reviews crop up for it in the future!

Meanwhile, while readers enjoy hunting outlaws with Meelo and Sali, I’m off on my next project. Hunter/Hunted is underway. Well, the pre-writing phase. I’m going through prior works to re-familiarize myself with everything that came beforehand so I’m caught back up with where I was. Another week, though, and I’ll be putting fingers to keyboard once more with Hunter/Hunted.

And so the cycle begins anew …

That said, I need to get to it. Hope you’re all enjoying Shadow thus far!

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