The Official Spoiler-Filled Shadow of an Empire Discussion Thread

This post is not for those of you who have not read Shadow of an Empire yet. Why? Because it’s full of spoilers. Or will be. I’m not going to be the one posting them.

Yeah, this is a bit experimental, but it’s my site, so I try what I like. This post is for all those readers of Shadow of an Empire who want somewhere to talk about it, open for spoilers. You can geek out about the ending, discuss your favorite characters, whatever!

Obviously, I recommend not reading these comments unless you’ve already read the book, or you really desire to have one of the best books you’ll read this year spoiled for you. Because these comments? There will be spoilers.

That’s all there is to it. Read the book? Looking for someplace to chat about it with others that have finished it and unable to find anything on TV Tropes? This is the place to be! Hit comments and go!

10 thoughts on “The Official Spoiler-Filled Shadow of an Empire Discussion Thread

  1. You know, I really loved that bit where Meelo jumped off a train off camera, that was so cool. And then there was that bit right at the start where Sali shot a guy in the knee. Oh yeah, and the chapter where Sali thought he was going to be arrested, that was tense.
    (I’m not making fun of it, I just happen to be the only one commenting, and I only read the sample)


    • I was planning on reading it, but I just happened to look at the reviews on the amazon page and right at the very bottom where no sane person looks there’s a massive spoiler-filled review of about a paragraph. It’s not even marked or anything. So I’m trying really hard to forget, which is probably going to take a year or so.


      • I wouldn’t call anything in those reviews spoilers, myself. Crud, one of them even thinks that Indrim is a future Earth (it’s not), but there’s nothing in those reviews you wouldn’t learn in say … the first five chapters of all thirty-one.

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        • Huh, I thought that review about Indrim being a future earth was some kind of spoiler or something. Mostly because that would have been a hugely major twist in the entire thing that threw everything we know out the window. But apparently it’s actually some kind of fan theory or something? At least this means I didn’t spoil it.(now I can read it without having to wait for a year! Yes!)

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  2. Well, that was quite a ride. (and Sali didn’t quite manage to ride off into the sunset at the end, but a train’s good enough)
    It’s really strange, but I guessed the mystery of Sali’s mysterious past almost immediately. Though I originally thought he was the emperor’s heir or something (Heir to the Empire?), so it was only when he revealed that his parents were annoying and he had a nice uncle that I had to revise it to being the Emperor’s nephew. But the fact that I guessed it at all was probably because I’ve been reading too many Zahn books, and I recently read the Wax and Wayne chronicles (Sanderson). The real clincher to my theory of him being royal had to be when he stated that as an imperial adjudicator he could “take his weapons anywhere, even into the royal palace if he had to”, and then Meelo saying (in her head) that technically the only ones who could do that were *cough* members of the royal family and the personal bodyguard dudes. Coincidence? I think not!
    I also managed to figure out Meelo being a mover, though I only really started noting fishy stuff when she made that mention wondering whether she could blast the gates to the mining boss’s mansion off. And then when it was outright stated she was gifted when she put her earplugs in when the chort first attacked them. I was almost constantly wondering when she’d finally get to bust something in an awesome way, and I got my awesome payoff when she punched that knight to next Tuesday, which has to be one of my favourite scenes. (I’m still kinda wondering why she went to all that trouble to hide it from Sali, though. I mean, it’s not like he would’ve told anyone if she’d told him to keep quiet. Likewise for Sali’s hidden gift)
    That thing about Sali being double gifted, though, that hit me a train. Sali’s a boiler and a shocker?! Since when did that happen?! And now I want to go back through the entire book just to see the vague mentions I must’ve missed somewhere, and see how that was done.
    Also, that bit about the cackling fire was awesome (Yeah, I’m weird, but those typos can be really funny).
    Why? Why did you have to die, Kel? You already died once! Now you leave Meelo without an awesomely intelligent companion too?
    (And yeah, I took an age to finally buy and read the book, but I made it in the end!)

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    • Haha! You finally got through it! And that review was not spoiler-filled! 😀

      Yeah, it does seem you spotted a lot of the little clues and deduced them correctly. Nothing wrong with that!

      As far as Meelo and Sali both keeping their abilities secret from one another, it’s a case of “Did you need to know? No.” The less people who know, the fewer who can let it slip. Both like to play things close to the chest.

      As to Sali being a double-gifted, it’s actually stated in the very first paragraph of the entire book! And through the whole story! Meelo always says ‘gift,” while Sali? He says “gifts” plural. It’s a very subtle difference, but it’s right in the open!

      I’m glad you enjoyed it! It’ll be a few years, but there will be more adventures in Indrim at some point! Thanks for reading!

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