Being a Better Writer: Topic Call!

It’s time! And I’ve decided to move this regularly random call to Monday, home of Being a Better Writer rather than some random day during the week, both to give it more exposure … and because I’ll be seeing a specialist today for my knee injury (here’s hoping it’s good news, not bad, because I really don’t want to be paying for knee surgeries for the rest of my life).

So Being a Better Writer‘s normal feature (one of the last two topics on Topic List Ten) will be up tomorrow, but today?

What do you want to see future BaBW articles discuss? That’s the whole point of this post! If there’s something (or rather, a list of somethings) in the writing world you want to see discussed—that, remember, have to do with improving one’s writing—let’s hear it! I’m building Topic List 11, and it’s time to get your requests on that list!

Comment away! I’ve got a knee to go look at.


UPDATE: And I’m getting a knee surgery. Wheeee.

One thought on “Being a Better Writer: Topic Call!

  1. What about character variety? I think you’ve done something along those lines before with the whole OC thing, but I was thinking about the kind of thing that happens when an author seems to get really attached to a certain kind of character and then you see practically a copy-paste of that character’s personality in a different book they write, just with a different backstory and a few tweaks here and there. Is it possible to find a way to avoid doing that? Or would that just lead to attempts to make characters so *different* that nobody can relate to them anymore?

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